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Adding Users to your Account

Additional users are unique logins for multiple people that are using the same account. This way, each person that is accessing the account has their own login and permissions.

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Appointment Reminders Upload Service

The Appointment Reminders Upload Service is a downloadable application that can be installed on your local windows machine.
It will allow you to automatically upload files to us when it sees a new file in the folder that you specify. The folder can be on a workstation, server, or shared drive.

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Company – Customization

Company Customization: Customize your company by adding your Time Zone, Logo, Colors, Web URL etc… To get to the Company Customization page, ensure that you

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Payment and Billing Information

Payment/Billing Information What Type of Payment Do We Accept?  What kind of payment types do we accept? Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Diners Club JCB

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Spanish Mapping  

Spanish Mapping of Reminder Types Spanish Mapping allows you to set up a Spanish version of a “Reminder Type” Below is a link to a

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