Appointment Reminders for Businesses - Call Text and Email

Choose Account Level

Send call, text, and email appointment reminders to your customers using our cloud-based reminder service. There is no software installation necessary.  Choose from one of our packages starting at only $9.95 per month. In addition, our HIPAA Compliant packages start at only $99.95 per month.

Link Data Source

Link your Google Calendar for seamless integration, upload excel or csv files or simply use our web-interface. Schedule appointments and send reminders right through your phone, seamlessly. Receive nightly reports with reminder status and results or view in real-time. Also, receive alerts via text or email when people reply to your reminders.

Advanced Integrations

For a more advanced integration you can utilize our API to upload and download appointment information and results, or use our Integration Service to connect directly to your EMR or scheduling software.

Up & Running in an Hour!

We make it so easy that you can be up and running in under an hour and we will help you set it up for free. Really!! If you ever need help after that, simply let us know and we will be happy to take a look at your account or help you set up additional services free of charge.

Data Privacy and Security

We are located in Denver, CO and our data is housed in Phoenix, AZ in a Highly Secure, HIPAA Compliant Environment (even if you don't use or need HIPAA Compliance, your data is VERY Secure and we NEVER share it with anyone)!

Free 30 Day Trial

Sign up today and get a free 30 day trial with no credit card needed to get started. With our service, there are never any contracts, setup fees, cancellation fees, or otherwise so you can cancel at any time and for any reason.

Decrease your patient no show rate by over 90% by utilizing our HIPAA compliant text, phone, and email appointment reminders.

We have several HIPAA compliant options to link your Scheduler or EMR.

Our HIPAA Compliant accounts start at only $99.95 per/month!

We are an excellent choice for small businesses with accounts starting at only $9.95 per month.

You can link your Google Calendar, upload excel files, or simply schedule your reminders through our site! With our services you never need to worry about your customers not showing up due to a forgotten appointment!

We offer call, text, and email reminders to improve delivery rates.

Automatically roll failed text messages to calls so you don't need to do anything to chase down your customers. We can also notify you via text or email when they respond. In addition, we provide the ability to stop reminders when customers reply a certain way.

In addition to appointment reminders, you can update your customers quickly and easily by sending out text message alerts such as "closed due to storm", or "location moving" with the click of a button.

This is also handy for letting your customers know about new services, changes in policy, or specials.

Choose Your Level : We Have the Best Prices in the Industry!


$9.95 month
  • Our express accounts are excellent for small budgets! Send up to 100 call, text or emails per month.
  • Up to 100 Reminders
  • Call, Text, and Email
  • Schedule Online
  • More!


$29.95 month
  • Standard accounts are excellent if you want to link a calendar (such as Google) to our services and still want to keep your costs low.
  • Call, Text, and Email
  • Link Your Calendar
  • Upload Excel Files
  • More!


$59.95 month
  • Our pro accounts are our most popular. These are full service accounts with everything but HIPAA compliance. Perfect for most small businesses.
  • Most Popular
  • Our Most Popular!
  • Call, Text, and Email
  • Link Your Calendar
  • Upload Excel Files
  • More!


$99.95 month (&up)
  • This is our Gold Package! If you have over 1k Appointments Per Month, require HIPAA Compliance, or want to use our API/Integration Service this is the choice for you.
  • Hipaa Compliant
  • Optional HIPAA Compliance (No extra cost)
  • Call, Text, and Email
  • Link Your Calendar
  • Upload Excel Files
  • Programming API
  • Connect Your EMR *Addnt Cost
  • Much More!

4 Simple Steps: Up and Running Today!

Create Your Reminders

Choose the outreach type (call, text, or email - or any combination).

Easily create your reminders using our in-house library of voice files and text blocks or record/create your own! In addition, use your Caller ID, your Branding Logo and Colors, and your own custom content and links.

Include custom messages in your reminders such as room numbers, amounts due, physician name, etc...and then choose up to three responses (typically 'confirm, cancel, reschedule' for each reminder type or have it be purely informational.

Create additional Reminders for different appointment types, clinics, or locations.

Choose your data source

Link your Google Calendar, upload excel files, or schedule appointments directly through our interface. For more advanced integrations, we can create and manage your data extract for you or link to your 3rd party EMR or scheduling software.

Send Your Reminders

Send out your reminders immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later date. Set up triggers to roll failed text messages to calls or emails, or notify you via text or email when people respond to your reminders.

Completely automate your reminders via linked calendar, or auto uploads. Set it and forget it!

View Results

View the delivery status and replies online or receive nightly emailed reports. For more advanced integration pull down reports via our secure web API

Get notified immediately via text message for failed reminders or when people confirm or cancel an appointment

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We are trusted by thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada. Our clients include large medical providers, including mental health, physical therapy, and family practitioners. We are also trusted by many small business owners ranging from small therapy practices, personal hygiene care, instructors, mechanics, excercise trainers, and more! No matter what your business is, we are sure that we will have an account suitable for your business needs.

Years of Experience, LLC has been in online and in operation since 2012. However, the roots and services of the company stretch back over 20 years and span several other companies and organizations specializing in online, automated calling and texting communications.
The company has grown substantially since it's humble beginnings and is now one of the leading appointment reminder services in the United States and Canada. You can rest assured that your company is in good hands and you will always be able to speak with a live customer service representative when you need help.