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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page!

Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions about our services.  However, if you don’t see what you are looking for you can contact us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AppointmentReminders.com is an automated cloud based appointment reminder service that businesses can use to send reminders to customers or patients via SMS (Text Message), email, or automated voice calls.

You can sign up by visiting our website and clicking on the “Sign Up Now” button. Follow the registration process, which includes setting up your account details and preferences.

You can also follow this link to Sign Up Now!

Yes! We know you have invested a lot of time and money in your appointment scheduling software. You like it, your staff likes it and knows how to use it, and you have no desire to switch to something new in order to add appointment reminders. We understand that and that’s we specifically created our services with that in mind! That’s why we offer several methods to integrate your existing scheduling software into our site.

In addition to integrating with many popular EMRs, AppointmentReminders.com integrates with Google Calendar and other scheduling applications. This allows for seamless synchronization of your appointments and reminder settings.

We offer Text Message RemindersEmail Reminders, and Phone Call Reminders.

Phone call reminders allow you to use your company number as the caller ID!

Email reminders allow you to add your company logo and colors!

Text reminders that fail can roll to a call automatically at no additional charge!

You may store your credit card securely with us to be automatically billed monthly. We never store your Credit Card info on our site.  Instead we use Authorize.net to securely store and bill your card. We bill at the end of the month because the amount can vary depending on how many reminders you use.

For large multi-site organizations, we prefer to bill via email invoice.  The invoice will show how many reminders you used at each site/location.

Yes! You may include your logo and company colors and origination email address in email reminders and you may include your caller id in our phone call reminders. *Note – this is only available with some account types – please see our pricing page for details.

Unlike many other appointment reminder services that offer worldwide service, we only offer service in The United States and Canada. This allows us to concentrate on outstanding service within these 2 countries.  As well, we are based in Denver, CO and we never outsource or store data outside the U.S.

Most appointment reminder companies will try to lock you down with a contract that includes a minimum spend and/or time period. With AppointmentReminders.com, there are no start up fees, or hidden fees, and you may cancel your service at any time. We believe that our service speaks for itself.  If you are happy with us, you will stick around – and most do!

Although we do not provide our own app, you can schedule your appointments through Google Calendar on your smartphone and have it flow through seamlessly to our service. You can also change the colors, and view responses to your appointments in Google Calendar based on the replies to the reminders. This allows you to simply integrate Google Calendar with us and rarely need to log in to the AppointmentReminders.com portal.

Yes! You can upload contact lists from Outlook or Google or create your own excel or .csv file. You can also add contacts on the fly through our portal or when adding an appointment on Google Calendar.

While we do allow you to schedule appointments directly through our site, we recommend using Google Calendar. You can then easily attach Google Calendar to our service. This way, you can take full advantage of Google Calendars features such as recurring appts, and mobile device compatibility.

Yes! We provide several simple and easy ways to send out bulk reminders, emergency notifications, and more!

You can create distribution lists with any customers that you choose. Then you can create and schedule appointment reminders to the entire list. You can also upload excel or csv files with appointment reminder information directly through our website.

We provide a secure web URL (https) for you to connect to programmatically. We provide samples in C# and VB.net although you can use any language that you want. *Note – This is only available with some account types.

We also provide a file upload/download utility that includes all the API functionality built-in.  You can configure this application to look in specific folders for files as well as download appointment reminder results and replies.

We offer HIPAA Compliant medical reminders as well as reminders and alerts for many other types of businesses

We have accounts starting at $10 per month for small or personal businesses as well as volume discounts for large organizations.

Some of our clients include hospitals, physical therapy, family medicine, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, hairdressers, car dealerships, training facilities, salons, auto detailers, real estate agents, restaurants, consulting firms, and many other types of businesses. Most of the companies that use our service schedule appointments with customers or patients, but many use our service to send out promotions and sales announcements as well.

Yes! We follow all HIPAA guidelines including HIPAA Compliant data storage, secure encrypted connections, and HIPAA recommendations for appointment reminders. Read all about our HIPAA Compliance HERE

We offer various pricing plans based on the number of reminders sent per month and the features you need. Please visit our Pricing page for detailed information.