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About our Advanced Appointment Reminder Integration

We make it very easy for you to integrate your data into our site using our advanced appointment reminder integration methods. No matter what EMR or scheduling service you use, we can usually integrate with it using one of the methods below. If none of these are an option, we do offer some basic integration methods as well that ANYONE can use!

If you use our appointment reminder integration service to merge your data for you, then there is really very little that you need to do. All we typically need is a file that contains appointment information. We can usually integrate with most file formats and layouts. The most common type would be csv, but we can usually read excel files and pdfs.  As well, if you use over 5k reminders per month, the service is free. Otherwise there is just a small monthly fee.

Contrary to popular belief, integrating your data for fully automated appointment reminders is usually inexpensive (if not free), and takes a very small amount of time to setup.  In fact, if you are using an EMR that we already integrate with such as practice fusion or if your EMR is able to generate a file with upcoming appointment information, the integration can probably be set up in a day or two.

About our Advanced Appointment Reminder Integration

Connect Your EMR


We can interface with most EMRs and scheduling software using our integration service.

As with all of our accounts, you are able to fully customize your appointment reminders, choose whether to send calls, texts, or emails, and accept responses from your customers.

All of your data is secure and HIPAA Complaint throughout the entire process. If you would like to write responses back to your EMR, we provide downloadable csv files with the results from your automated appointment reminders.  Simply parse the files and store the data back to your EMR.

Some of the more popular EMRs that we interface with are...

Connect Your EMR

Watch a Video Demonstrating Practice Fusion Integration!

Appointment Reminders Integration Service

Appointment Reminder Integration ServiceWe know you have invested a lot of time and money in your appointment scheduling software. You like it, your staff likes it and knows how to use it.  You have no desire to switch to something new in order to add automated appointment reminders. That’s why it doesn’t matter what type of software you are currently using. Whether it is managed by a 3rd party or housed on your network, we can usually integrate it into our site.

Here’s how it works!

You will install our Integration Service Windows Application on a computer connected to your network. This is a very simple bare-bones application that looks for a file periodically.  If it sees a file, it will connect to us through a secure encrypted connection.  From there we will parse and send out your reminders. 

Depending on your EMR and your technical capabilities, there are a couple of options.  The file can be generated automatically and placed into a folder on your network. Or may require a very simple quick manual creation of the file.

You will receive automated reports whenever we receive a file. These reports will contain a summary of what reminders we added, as well as a notification if we don’t receive a file within a given time frame.

There are no setup fees or contracts with our appointment reminder integration service and the cost is typically only about $100 per month. If you use over 5000 reminders per month, we waive the integration service fee altogether and you get into volume pricing.

As an alternative to our integration service, we offer a secure web API complete with code samples that allow you to write your own interface.

Automated Appointment Reminders Upload Service

Upload FilesIf you have a Small Business or Premium account, you can download and utilize our Upload Service free of charge.

This is basically just a program that will automatically send files to us. If your files meet our formatting criteria for import files, you can simply use this program.  If your files do not meet our formatting criteria, then you may need to use our “Integration Service” instead.

Not sure if this will work for you? Please contact us for any questions regarding using our upload service to send your appointment reminders!

Programming API - Upload & Download Files

Programming API - Upload & Download FilesOur free web-based Programming API allows you to automate data transfers between your company and our site.

You can use our API to create automated jobs to:

Upload customer and appointment information to our site.
Retrieve appointment reminder results and responses.

Technical specifications of our API:

Our API utilizes http methods that are available through our SECURE web URL.

We have VB.NET and C# samples available for you to download for free. These examples utilize Microsoft’s WebClient class but you are free to use any language and method that you want. You are certainly not limited to these languages or methods.

Common data transfer example utilizing our API:

The following example describes a typical usage of our API.

  1. Create a recurring nightly job using VB.NET, C#, Java, or another programming language.
  2. Extract data from your EMR or Scheduling Software for patients who have an upcoming appointment.
  3. Create a simple .csv file with the appointment information.
  4. Upload the file securely to our site using our API.
  5. Retrieve a “Reminder Results” report for the previous day using our API.
  6. Parse the results and write them back into your data source.

Our API is available with Small Business or Premium accounts

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