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Simple & Easy Data Integration

Welcome to the Basic Integration page for AppointmentReminders.com! This is the first step toward simplifying and automating your appointment reminder process. 

Whether you’re looking to

  1. Schedule Appointments Through our Web Interface…

  2. Connect Seamlessly with Google Calendar…or

  3. Upload Appointments directly via Excel or CSV files

This page provides the essential information to get started. 

Tailored for ease of use and efficiency, our integration solutions are designed to fit a variety of needs, ensuring your appointments are always on track.

The basic integrations offered by AppointmentReminders.com are best suited for scenarios where businesses need to automate and streamline their appointment scheduling and reminder processes. For example, a beauty salon using Google Calendar integration for seamless booking and reminder setup, or a consulting firm utilizing Excel uploads for bulk scheduling of client meetings. These integrations help in reducing no-shows, saving administrative time, and enhancing client communication and satisfaction.

Also, visit our advanced integration page for info on integrating with electronic health records (EHR) to automatically send appointment reminders to patients.

Appointment Reminder System Data Source

Web Interface

Use our online portal to schedule reminders and check replies in real-time

Appointment Reminder Results - Web Interface

Google Calendar

Link your Google Calendar and automatically send reminders for your appointments

appointment reminders for Google Calendar

Upload Files

Upload simple excel or csv files with appointment info and send out scheduled reminders

Upload Files

Web Interface

Full Feature Online Interface!

Our web interface includes user-friendly scheduling tools, customization options for reminders (SMS, email, calls), calendar integration, client management features, automated reminder scheduling, real-time notifications, reporting tools for tracking no-shows and engagement, and secure data handling to protect client information. These features collectively aim to streamline the appointment management process, enhance client communication, and improve service efficiency.

  • User Account Management: Secure login, password recovery, and customizable profiles.
  • Dashboard: Overview of upcoming appointments, reminders sent, and response rates.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Easy booking, rescheduling, and cancellation functionalities.
  • Automated Reminders: Configurable reminders via SMS, email, and voice calls, with personalized messages.
  • Client Database: Secure storage and management of client contact details and preferences.
  • Customization Options: Tailoring reminder frequency, timing, and messaging.
  • Reporting Tools: Analytics on appointment outcomes, no-show rates, and engagement metrics.
  • Feedback Collection: Automated post-appointment feedback requests to gather client insights.
  • Multi-User Access: Different access levels for staff to manage appointments and reminders.
  • Data Security: Encryption and compliance measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Technical Support: Easy access to help resources and customer support.

There is much more you can do in with the Web Interface.  Browse our help files for more information.

Everything is accessible online and there is no software to install or maintain.

Home Page

Link Your Google Calendar

appointment reminders for Google Calendar
Seamless Google Calendar Integration

Linking Google Calendar allows for seamless synchronization of appointments, allowing automatic updates and reminders for appointments directly in your calendar, reducing manual entry and ensuring accuracy.

It streamlines scheduling, provides real-time visibility of appointments, and enhances the efficiency of sending out reminders, offering a more integrated and automated approach to managing appointments.

Once you set up the linking, everything is done through your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Event Details
Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Appointment Reminder Sync Features
  • Automatic Synchronization: Appointments added to Google Calendar automatically sync with the reminder service.
  • Real-time Updates: Changes or cancellations in Google Calendar reflect immediately in the reminder system.
  • Customizable Reminders: Set up personalized reminder messages and timing preferences.
  • Multi-channel Notifications: Choose between SMS, email, or voice call reminders.
  • Direct Management: Add, edit, or delete appointments directly from Google Calendar.
  • Visibility and Sharing: Share appointment schedules with team members or clients through Google Calendar.
  • Event Details Import: Automatically import and use event details from Google Calendar for reminders.
  • Time Zone Support: Adjust reminders based on the time zone settings of Google Calendar events.
  • Color Coding: Change event colors based on confirmation status.
AppointmentReminders.com Google Calendar Extension
Google Calendar Sync Extension
Google Calendar Extension TAG Creator

The Google Calendar Sync Extension by AppointmentReminders.com, offering a way to send call, text, and email appointment reminders directly from Google Calendar.

It introduces a TAG creator for easy event syncing by adding specific tags to the calendar event title or description. Add the TAGs that you create with this extension to your calendar title or description. 

This feature simplifies linking Google Calendar to the appointment reminder service, enabling automated reminder setup through the user’s calendar.

Upload Files

One of the simplest ways of integrating to our appointment reminder service is to upload files

Upload File Features
  • Upload excel or csv files with just some basic information.
    • The only info we need is name, phone number, and appointment date/time.  
    • Send additional fields such as reminder type, preferred language, and custom fields.
  • Files are very simple to create and upload: We also provide templates for you.
  • Bulk Appointment Import: Quickly upload multiple appointments at once.
  • Error Detection: Identifies and highlights import errors or inconsistencies.
  • Custom Reminder Scheduling: Set specific reminder times for each appointment.
  • Data Mapping: Map Excel/CSV columns to appointment details.
  • Flexible File Formats: Support for various Excel and CSV file structures.
  • Automated Reminder Setup: Automatically configure reminders based on imported data.
  • Update and Sync: Option to update existing appointments through re-upload.
  • Secure Data Handling: Ensures data privacy and security during upload.
Upload Files

Uploading Excel and .CSV files streamlines the bulk import of appointment data, enabling users to efficiently manage multiple appointments without manual entry.

 This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with a high volume of appointments, as it saves time, reduces errors, and simplifies the process of setting up reminders for numerous clients simultaneously. 

It enhances organizational efficiency and ensures that all appointments are accurately accounted for and scheduled for reminders.