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Distribution Lists

What can I use Distribution Lists For? #

  • Event Notices such as classes, flu shots, web posts, sales, etc…
  • Weather Closures
  • Changes in Coverage
  • Office Closures
  • Address and Phone Number Changes
  • More!

Creating Distribution Lists #

To get to the distribution list page, go to the “Navigation Menu” then click “My Customers” –> “Distribution Lists”.

Getting To The Distribution List Page

You will see a list of all of your distribution lists here.  By default you will have an “All Customers” list.

The Two Ways To Add a Distribution List #

First Way: Create a blank list and add any customers to that list. #

  1. Click on “Add a New Distribution List” to add a new one.
  2. Enter a name for this list and press enter.
The Distribution List Page

        3. Click on “Modify List” to add or remove customers

        4. Check or Uncheck anyone you want to add or remove. You can use the filters to narrow down your list.

        5. Click Save

Modify Distribution List Page

Second Way: Create one based on who has appts for a certain timeframe. #

This method allows you to automatically create a list based on upcoming appointments. An example would be sending a “closed due to weather” notice to anyone who has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

  1. From the main “Distribution Lists” page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Start and End Dates for Appointments. For example if I want to create a list with everyone who has an appointment tomorrow, I would select tomorrows date for both Start and End Dates.
Create Distribution List Based On Appt Dates

        3. After you choose the Start and End Dates, press “Submit”. You will now see a new list. 

Create Distribution List Based On Appt Dates2

Schedule a Reminder for the Distribution List #

To schedule a reminder to the distribution list, click on “View/Add Reminders”.

This page will show you all the reminders that you have scheduled to this distribution list.

Click on “Add New Reminder” to schedule a new one.

  • Select the “Reminder Type Name” from the list.
  • Select the Appt Date and Time for the “Appointment”. *Note – this is not the Date and Time that the reminder will go out. The reminder will go out according to the settings for the reminder type and your schedule.
  • Press “Update” to schedule the reminder.
Schedule A Reminder to the Distribution List

Send a Text Message to a Distribution List #

To send a text message to a distribution list, click on “Send SMS” for the appropriate list.

Schedule A Text Message to the Distribution List

Enter Your Text Message #

You can type a new message into the input box, or you can select a previous text message from the list. You can also edit the previous text message.

Press “Submit” to send the message. The message should go out immediately as long as your reminder schedule allows it.

Schedule A Text Message to the Distribution List2

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