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Caller IDs – Creating, Validating & Using

What is a Caller ID? #

  • A caller ID is used so that we can send phone calls from your phone number. This increased the likelihood that your calls will be answered.
  • You will be able to associate your Caller ID with your phone call and email appointment reminders.
  • For phone call reminders, your call will originate from the Caller ID that you have associated with your reminder type. For email type reminders, your caller ID will be placed at the footer of your email message. You may add as many Caller IDs as you want but they must be numbers that you are able to answer and verify. Text Messages will not originate from your Caller IDs but from one of our long or short codes.

Viewing Your Caller IDs #

To view your current Caller IDs, go the “Navigation Menu” –> “Reminder Settings” –> “Call Reminder Settings” –> “CallerIDs”. This will bring you to a list of Caller IDs that you have created.

  • CallerID : The Caller ID phone number.
  • Verified : Whether this Caller ID has been verified.
  • Verify Now : Press this button to have the system call you at the number so you can verify the Caller ID.
  • Is Default : Whether this Caller ID is set as your default.
  • Action : Edit or Delete this Caller ID.
Caller IDs

Creating a new Caller ID #

To create a new Caller ID, click on the “Add New Caller ID” button.

  • Caller ID: Type in the 10 digit Caller ID.
  • Set as Default: Choose whether or not you want this to be your default caller ID.

Click “Update” to add it. The next step is to verify it.

Verifying a Caller ID #

Click the “Verify” button to go to the verification screen.

  • The system will attempt to reach you at the phone number entered. Enter the code shown to verify the Caller ID.
  • Ext to Dial : If this main number requires an extension to be pressed, you may enter it here. You can also add spaces. Each space will add a half second of delay. You can add multiple extensions with spaces if needed (e.g. 123 456).
  • Your default Caller ID (If you have selected one) will be automatically associated with your Call and Email type appointment reminders.

For information on associating a CallerID that is not your default, please read our posting on Reminder Types HERE

Verifying Caller IDs

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