Text Reminders

Customize your Text Message Appointment Reminders

Say exactly what you need to say, when you need to say it. Our system allows you to build your text reminders using several different types of content.

Text Blocks: Create your own custom blocks of text to add to your reminders.

Dynamic Fields:  These are things like appointment date, appointment time, patients name, company name, phone number, and address. Add them to your reminder where and when you need them.

Custom Fields: Include additional text in your reminders such as room numbers, amounts due, or anything else you need to add on the fly!

Text Reminder

Roll Failed Texts to Calls Automatically

You can set up your text message reminders to automatically roll to calls if they fail due to a non-mobile number or some other reason. Never pay for failed reminders either. It is also very simple and easy to set up call reminders that play the same information as the text message reminder. Any info or fields that you pass into one reminder type will automatically flow through to the next.

Allow People to Reply to Your Text Message Reminders

Allow your patients or customers to confirm the appointment by replying back with a digit or keyword! In fact, we allow you to add up to 3 reply digits or keywords to each reminder.  For example, a typical scenario may be where you would allow your customer to either “confirm”, “cancel”, or “reschedule” the appointment by replying with 1,2, or 3 to the text reminder.

Which keywords you choose is entirely up to you.  You may want them to text back a word such as “confirm” or perhaps “C”. Maybe you do not want to include the ability to reply at all. With our text reminders, you can include whichever replies are necessary for your specific case.

Check Replies to your Text Reminders or Respond in Real-Time

You will be able to see replies to your text reminders immediately in the “Reminders” screen.  You can also go in and text back in real time if you need to.  You can set up reports that will email you the results nightly or download them into a csv file directly from the interface.

This allows you to follow up with any patients or customers who either have questions about the appointment or need to cancel or reschedule. 

Send Alerts to Your Phone or Email

You can also add alerts or “Triggers” that can notify you via text or email when someone responds a certain way to your text reminders.

For example, you could set up a trigger so that if someone cancels an appointment, it will notify you immediately via text message. This way you can follow up almost immediately without needing to log in and check the replies.