Automated Reminder Calls

When to use Reminder Calls

Automated Reminder Calls are a great choice when you have a lot of information that you need to convey. You can also set up your account to trigger reminder calls if text message reminders fail due to an invalid mobile number. 

Customize Your Reminder Calls

Our reminder calls our completely customizable.

You can build your calls using the following…

  • An in-house library of prerecorded voice files
  • Record your own files right through the phone
  • Use our text-to-speech engine
  • Request high-quality professional voice files from our in-house voice talent

Our automated reminder calls allow you to include all of you own content as well as dynamic fields such as appointment date & time, customer name, company name, address, and phone number.

You can also include custom fields in email reminders such as room numbers, amounts due, arrival details and more!


Phone Ringing

Send your reminder calls at the appropriate time

Woman Meditating to Reminder Calls

Our reminder system allows you to schedule them at the appropriate time.   You can also trigger them when an event happens such as a text message or email failure.

For example, you can send a reminder a week ahead of the appointment and then another on the day before the appointment.  You can also change the reminder content based on the customer or patients reply to the initial reminder.  Say the customer or patient confirms the appointment using the reminder you send out one week prior. In this case, you may want to just give them a gentle reminder the day before, rather than asking for another confirmation.

Allow your patients or customers to reply to your reminder

Allow your patients or customers to confirm the appointment with a simple keypress! In fact, we allow you to add up to 3 reply digits to each reminder call.  For example, a typical scenario may be where you would allow your customer to either “confirm”, “cancel”, or “reschedule” the appointment by pressing the 1,2 or 3 keypress on their phone.

Which digits you allow is entirely up to you.  You may want just “confirm” or perhaps you do not want to include the ability to reply at all. With our call reminders, you can include whichever replies are necessary for your specific case.

Call Reminder Keypress

Generate your calls from your Caller ID

You can also configure your phone call reminders to originate from your office Caller ID so there is no confusion about who is calling.