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Why Text Messages Don’t Originate From My Caller ID

This post contains information on Caller IDs for text messages. #

We use an internal Caller ID (long-code) for text messages (SMS).

SMS (texts) originate from one of our telephone numbers or a short code. However, with a premium account, we are able to send SMS messages from a long code (10 digit phone number) that is dedicated to your account. This number would be unique to your account and could have the same area code as your business. If people try to call into this number, they would hear a customized voice message of your choosing. There is no additional cost for this functionality. This is only available with Premium Accounts.

Why can’t I use my Caller ID for Text Messages? #

While we do allow you to set up and use your Caller ID (or several) to send you calls, text messages don’t have this option.

The reason is this:
If you set up your text message reminder type to accept a response, that response will be stored in your account and you can access it through the reminders tab or see it in the reports that are emailed to you. If it originated from your phone number you would run into a couple issues.

  1. This number may not be capable of receiving text messages.
  2. You would receive all the responses through text messages and would have no idea who they came from.

If I can’t use my Caller ID, how do I know when people reply to my text messages? #

You can check the response to text messages in a few ways: #

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