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How To Send Text Messages to Customers/Patients

With our system, you can send text messages directly to your customers or patients.

This is different from sending Text Message Reminders in that these text messages are similar to sending text messages from your phone.

Please see the chart below for further clarification:


Text Message Reminders #

Text Messages to Customers #

  • Sent from the “Customer Text Messages” screen
  • Get sent immediately
  • You type the message before sending
  • More like a typical phone text message conversation
  • Viewed in the “Customer Text Message Screen” or “Reminders” screen.
  • Useful for a “Real Time” conversation with customers.

This post is about “Text Messages to Customers”. #

Click Here for information on setting up “Text Message Reminders”.

Typical Uses #

Some of the typical uses for “Text Messages to Customers”:

  • If the customer replies to to a reminder with a question, you can simply text back an answer here.
  • You can text customers/Patients from our system rather than using your private phone.
  • You can have patients notify you when they get to the building.

Getting to the “Text Messages to Customers” screen: #

There are 2 ways to get o this page

  • 1. From the “Navigation Menu”, select “Text Messages” –> “To Customer/Patient”
Getting To The Text Messages To Customers Screen
  • 2. From the “Reminders” page, click on the “sms” icon for a specific customer.
Getting To The Text Messages To Customers Screen 2

This screen will show you all of the text messages sent and received to the selected customer.

  • If you got here from the “Reminders” screen, the specific customer should already be selected.
  • If you got here through the menu, you need to select a customer in the drop down list.
  • The messages are read from bottom to top, with the most recent on top, opposite of a typical phone.
  • You can type a new message in the box or select a previous message from the “Start with a Previous Message” dropdown. You can edit this before sending.
  • When you press “Submit”, the message will be sent immediately. However, it may take a few moments for the screen to update.
The Text Messages To Customers Screen
  • Important! It will be sent immediately (As long as this is during a day and time that we can send reminders according to your Reminder Schedule)
  • It will create a Reminder Type with the name “QuickText + Todays Date and Time” so you can view results in the Reminders Tab
  • You cannot use dynamic fields such as Appt Date or Appt Time in a Quick Text. To use these fields you have to create a Reminder Type and then schedule it to your customer.

Sending Text Messages to a Distribution List #

You can also send these type of text messages to a distribution list. Click Here for a posting on it.

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