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Adding Appointments Through the Website Interface

Overview #

Before you can send out an appointment reminder, you need to add an appointment. 

There are several ways to do this. 

  1. You can add appointments through the website interface. (This Posting)
  2. They can be uploaded to our site through import files (.csv, .xls).
  3. They can be added on-the-fly through calendars.
In this posting I will simply show you how to add an appointment through the website.

How to Add a Customer #

You will need to add a customer before you can schedule a reminder for them. Follow these steps to add a customer.  If you have already added a customer then skip to the “Add an Appointment for an existing Customer” heading below.

1. Go to the “Customers” page. To get to this page, scroll down from the “Navigation Menu” and click “My Customers” and then “Customers/Patients”.

Go to the Customers Page

3. Add a new customer with the following info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Pri Phone (Main Phone Number)
  • Sec Phone (Secondary Phone Number – Optional)
  • Email Address (Optional – only needed if sending emails)
  • Customer ID (Optional – Enter it if you have one that you want to use)
  • Spanish (Check this box if you want to use a Spanish Reminder)
Add Customer

Create a Reminder For An Existing Customer #

If you already have added a customer, simply go to the “Customers” page and find the customer.  Then click on “View/Add Reminders” for that customer to add a new reminder. 

If you have any other appointments scheduled for this person you will see them here. Press the “Add New Reminder” button to schedule a new reminder.


The following fields will be show:

  • Reminder Type Name: The Description (Name) of the Reminder Type that will be sent to this Customer
  • Appointment Date/Time: Date and Time of the Appointment
  • Appointment End Date/Time: End Date and Time of the Appointment (Optional – use this if you are using an appointment window)
  • Custom Fields: If you are using custom fields in your reminders, enter them here.
Add a Reminder for an existing customer

Finally, Press “Update” to create the appointment

You can see the appointment in the appointment list as well as on The “Reminders” Page.

If you ever need to cancel an appointment/appointment reminder. You can do that as well from either of these screens as long as the reminder has not been sent out.

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