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Reports – Nightly Emailed Reports

You can set up nightly, weekly, or monthly emailed reports with details of your reminders.

If you are looking for real-time reminder results you can always check The “Reminders” page. #

There are a few different reports that are available to you: #

The report types are…
  • Reminder Results : Contains the results of the reminders that were sent.
  • Reminder Summary : Contains the number and type of reminders that were sent.
  • Failed Reminders : This report is sent at the end of the day (whenever your reminders stop) and gives you a list of the reminders that were not delivered.

Click Here for details on the information and structure of these reports

When you go to the “Reports” page, you will see a list of all of the reports that you have set up. To get to the “Reports” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then from the “Navigation Menu”, select “Reporting” –> “Emailed Reports”.

Getting to the emailed reports page

By default, a daily Reminder Summary and a daily Reminder Results report is created but not enabled. You can keep, edit, or delete these default reports.

The emailed reports page
  • Report Type: This is the Report Type (Summary, Results, etc…)
  • Report Name: This is the name you choose to call the report.
  • Email to: This is where the Report will be emailed to. To email to additional addresses, create a new row for each report.
  • Frequency: This is how often the report will be emailed (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).
  • Active: Whether or not this report will currently be sent.
  • HPAA Compliant: If this box is checked then the report will not include any PHI info such as names or phone numbers. They will only be identifiable by Customer ID.
  • Last Run Date: Date that the report was last generated.
  • Action: Edit or Delete this report. You can also press “Send Now” to send the report right away.

To Create a new report click on “Add New Report”. #

Click Here For info on reports structure and content

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