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Voicefiles – Creating and Editing

Voice Files are used in your Phone Call Reminders. There are several types of voice files that are available to you:

  1. Stock Voice Files: We have a library of prerecorded voice files that are available for you to use in your reminders.
  2. Record your own voice files: Trigger a phone call to yourself and create your own voice files for use in your reminders.
  3. Use “Text to Speech”. To do this, you would create a “Text Block” instead of a Voice File.

To get to the “Voice Files” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then under the “Navigation Menu”, select “Reminder Settings” –> “Call Reminder Settings” –> “Voice Files”.

Getting to the Voice Files Screen

The Voice Files Screen #

This screen allows you to view, edit, or listen to your Voice Files.

  • Voice file Name: This is the name that you choose to call your Voice file.
  • Voice file Content: This is the content of the Voice file.
  • Listen: You can listen to your Voice File here.
  • Re(Record): You can trigger a call to yourself to record or rerecord this voice file.
  • Action: Edit or Delete your Voice file.
The Voice Files Screen

Create a New Voice File #

To create a new voice file, click on “Create a New Voice file”.

Voice File Name: Choose a name for this Voice File.

Voice File Content: Enter the content of the Voice File.

Press “Update” to save.

Now, you can record it.


Creating a New Voice File

Recording a Voice File #

To record your Voice File, click on the “Re(Record)” button.

Recording a Voice File

Triggering a Call #

From this screen, you can enter your phone number and the system will call you and allow you to record the file.

Just enter your phone number and press “Call Me”.

Answer the call and go through the prompts to record the file.

Recording a Voice File 2

Adding a Voice File to Your Reminders #

Once you have created a Voice File, you can easily use it in your call reminders. To do this, go to the “Reminder Types”
 page and then click on the “Content” button. This screen allows you to add Voice Files to your reminders.

Edit Reminder Type Content

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