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The Reminders Screen – Real Time Reporting on Your Reminders

The Reminders Page will let you view results on the reminders that you have scheduled and sent.

It includes details on the delivery result and the response to the reminders in real time. You can also save the results to an excel file from this page. *Note – to schedule nightly reports that will be emailed to you, see the ‘Reports’ page. To get to the “Reminders Page”, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then under the “Navigation Menu” select “Reporting” –> “Reminders Page”.

Getting to the Reminders Page

By default, the Reminders Page will show you all of your reminders with appointment dates during the next 30 days. You can change this time frame, return results for a specific Reminder Type, narrow by customer name, and more!

Narrow Down Your Results by Changing the Following Fields: #

  • Appointment Start Date: Enter the start date to view reminders with appointments starting on this date
  • Appointment End Date: Enter the end date to view reminders with appointments ending before or on this date
  • Last Name: Leave blank to return all results or enter a Last Name to narrow the results
  • Reminders to Show: (All, Complete, or Incomplete): Choose the status of the reminders that you want to view
    • All: View ALL of your reminders
    • Complete: View reminders that have been sent (or attempted to be sent and failed)
    • Incomplete: View reminders that are scheduled
    • Replies By Appt: Will show you if your customer has replied to an appointment, even if you send multiple reminders for an appointment. 
  • Reminder Types: Choose “ALL” or choose a specific reminder type
  • Order By: Click on the column headers to re-sort your list.
  • Export to Excel: Click this button to export your reminder results into a .csv file that can easily be opened in excel or any text reader.

Understanding The Rows in Your Results: #

Your results will contain a row for each reminder that matches the search fields that you have entered: #

Click on “Increase Table Width” to show you more details.

  • Blue Rows: Blue rows indicate reminders that were “successful”. By “successful”, we mean that as far as we can tell, the reminder was delivered to the recipient.
  • Red Rows: Red rows indicate that the reminder failed.  For text messages, it usually means a non-mobile or bad number and for calls it means no-answer, or a bad number.
  • Customer & Appt Info: Name, Phone Number, Customer ID, Appt Date & Time, and Reminder Type are included in the results.
  • Result: Shows the delivery result.
  • Stop Reason: Shows the reason that the reminder was stopped. Stop Date Passed indicates that the reminder was probably scheduled after the acceptable time frame to send the reminders
  • Response: Shows the persons response to the reminder.
  • Reminder Start & Stop Date: This is the acceptable date frame to send the reminder.
Interpreting the Reminders Page

Viewing The Actual Reminder Text That Was Sent #

You can view the actual message that was sent to your customer by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Viewing the reminder details
Viewing the reminder details 2

Replying to a Customers Reply (Text Message). #

You can easily reply back to a customer by clicking on the “sms” icon/ This will allow you to send a text message back to the customer. More on this in the “Text Messages to Customers” post.

Texting a customer back

Deleting Unsent Reminders #

You can delete any unsent reminders from this screen as well. Just select “delete” and then press “delete checked items”. *Note – You can’t delete reminders that were already sent.

Deleting unsent reminders

Additional Ways to View Reminders #

The Reminders Page allows you to view reminders and their status in real time.  You can also download CSV files with the reminder results.  Additionally, you can set up nightly or weekly reports to be emailed to you.

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