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Test Mode (Disabling Live Reminders)

To put your account in “Test Mode” #

Under the “My Account” menu, select “Test Mode/Live Mode”.

Then simply enable “Test Mode”.

How to Enable Test Mode

If you have Test Mode enabled then no reminders will be sent. #

Why should I use Test Mode? #

  • Test Mode allows you to upload files, test reminders, or connect calendars without having to worry about accidentally sending reminders to your customers.
  • Also, if you ever have issues with the incorrect reminders going out or anything else, you can put your account into test mode to temporarily disable them.

Can I send reminders to myself while I am in Test Mode? #

Yes, you can test all of your reminders by triggering them in the Reminder Types page.

Will appointment reminders that I create during Test Mode be available in Live Mode? #

Yes. You should ensure that you have deleted any unwanted reminders before switching back to live mode.

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