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Text Blocks – Creating and Editing

What is a Text Block? #

A Text Block is simply a block of text that you can use when building your Reminder Types. You can use Text Blocks in Calls (Text to Speech), Text Messages, or Emails.

To get to the “Text Blocks” page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then under the “Navigation Menu”, select 

Getting to the Text Blocks screen

The Text Blocks Screen #

The Text Blocks screen will show you a list of all of your text blocks.

Editing Text Blocks #

You can edit existing text blocks. However, please note that if you change a text block, it will be changed in ALL the Reminder Types that you are using. For this reason, often it is better to create a new text block. There are some text blocks that you cannot edit.

The Text Blocks screen

Creating a New Text Block #

To create a new text block, just click on “Add New Record”. Then enter a name for your text block and the text block content.

Press “Update” to save it.

Adding a new Text Block

How to Use a Text Block in Your Reminders #

Once you have created a text block, you can easily use it in your reminders. To do this, go to the “Reminder Types”
 page and then click on the “Content” button. This screen allows you to add text blocks to your reminders.

Please see our help documentation on Reminder Types for more info.

Edit Reminder Type Content

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