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Website Overview and New Company Walkthrough

How to Configure your Company for the First Time #

You will soon learn just how easy and how flexible our Website is to use. To make the process even easier, we have created this Company Walk Through to help you set up your company. This Walk Through will take you through the following steps

Before you dive in, please let us help you!! #

If you want to save yourself some time, let us set up your company with you! We will schedule a free quick web conference with you to help you get set up and answer any questions you have. Click here to create a ticket and let us know you want help getting started or email us at support@appointmentreminders.com.

…or if you insist on doing it yourself…

Company & Website Overview #

Getting Started Tutorial #

1. Put Your Account Into Test Mode #

Before we get started setting up your company, go to the “My Account” menu and then go to “Test Mode/Live Mode” page. Go through the steps to put your account into test mode.
Changing your account to test mode will ensure that no reminders go out until you have everything set up correctly. With test mode, you will still be able to test all of your reminder types, but no reminders will be sent out. *Don’t forget to switch back to ‘Live Mode’ when you are ready to go live.

2. Ensure That You Have Reminder Types Created #

When your account was created, there should have been some Reminder Types created based on your preferences.

See our posting on Reminder Types here.

3. Add a Customer #

Customers can be added several ways. #

For now, just go to the “Customers” page and add one. 

3. Schedule an Appointment for Your Customer #

Just like adding Customers, Appointments can also be added several ways.

4. Check the Results on the Reminders Page #

Now you can go to the “Reminders” page to check the results. Make sure you put your account back into “Live Mode” or your reminders won’t be sent.

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