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Sending Your First Reminder

How to add a customer and send a reminder through the website

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add your first customer and send out your first reminder #

There are many ways to do this: including uploading files, linking your calendar, and more! This tutorial will guide you through simply adding a customer and scheduling a reminder right through the website.

Step 1 - Navigate To Customers Page #

Lets go ahead and add a customer and schedule our first reminder. Hover over the “Navigation Menu”, then select “My Customers” and then Customers/Patients. This shows you a list of all of your customers. Since you have just created this account, there are no customers yet. Let’s go ahead and add a new customer now.

Sending Your First Reminder - Nav1

Step 2 - Add A Customer #

Click on the “Add New Customer/Patient” button. Go ahead and add yourself. Enter your first and last name, phone number, and your email address. Note that the only required fields here are First Name, Last Name and Primary Phone Number. 

However, if you are going to be sending text reminders, ensure that you enter a cell phone number and if you are going to be sending email reminders ensure that you enter an email address. Customer ID is optional. You can enter this if you have a customer ID for your customer. For now, we will leave this field blank. 

The Spanish check box is used for Spanish Speaking customers which we will cover in another tutorial. Go ahead and click on “Save”.

You can see that you have been added to the list. Let’s go ahead and schedule a new appointment for this customer.

Step 3 - Schedule A Reminder #

Click on View/Add Reminders on the far-right side. This gives you a list of all the appointments that are scheduled for this customer. As you can see, there are no appointments yet. Click on the “Add New Reminder” button now.

Click on the drop down list for “Reminder Type Name”. Depending on your configuration settings, you should have several reminders listed. If there is a “Text Message” type reminder, choose that one for now, otherwise choose a “Call” or “Email” type reminder. We will cover how to edit these and create new reminder types in another tutorial. For “Appointment Date/Time”, go ahead and select tomorrow’s date at 10:30 AM. You can leave Appointment End Date/Time blank and also leave the custom fields blank. 

After you enter this information click the “Save” button. Now you can see that your appointment has been added for this customer.

Step 5 - Viewing The Results #

If you hover over the “Navigation Menu”, then select “Reporting” and then Reminders Page, you can see all of the reminders that are scheduled. We will cover this page in more detail in another tutorial but for now, take a look at the reminder that we just created. Here you can see the details of this reminder as well as the Reminder Result. Most likely you should have received the reminder by now. If not, you should get it in the next few minutes.

Sending Your First Reminder - Viewing The Results

If you have confirmations set up, go ahead and confirm the reminder. Shortly, you will see that your reminder has changed to blue. You can click on the magnifying glass for further details about the reminder. Or you can click the SMS button to reply to the reminder Via SMS

Congratulations! You have successfully scheduled an appointment and sent a reminder!

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