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Integrating Into Your EMR

We provide the ability to integrate with most EMRs and scheduling software.

What we Need #

Essentially all we need is a file with the following information:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Lame
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Appointment Date
  • Appointment Time

You can also add additional information such as:

  • Customer ID (Optional)
  • Appointment Type (Optional)
  • Secondary Phone Number (Optional)
  • Email Address (Optional)
  • Language (English/Spanish)


File Format #

We can work with most file formats including csv, pdf, and excel.

Below is an example of a typical file.

Click Here to Download a Template.

appointmentreminders.com import file appointment screenshot

Results and Replies #

We also provide the ability to programmatically download results and replies. In addition to these downloads, you can view them directly in our portal

Reminder Results Report
Sample Reminder Results Report

How to Send and Receive Files #

We provide several ways for you to send and receive files including:

If you would like to utilize our integration service, please contact us.  We will need to know the following info to get started #

  • What type of scheduling software do you use?
  • Where is the data located (Onsite or Offsite)
  • Who manages the data?
  • Who is the main account contact?
  • Do you have an IT Group Internal or External that manages your software?
  • Who is the main technical contact?

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