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Email Customization

Customize your email reminders by adding your Logo, Colors, Web URL & Phone Number #

To get to the Company Customization page, ensure that you are logged into your account. Then go to the “Navigation Menu” –> ” Reminder Settings” –> “Email Reminder Settings” –> “Email Customization”
Navigate To The Email Customization Page

When you go to the Email Customization page, you are presented with the following screen: #

  • Company Logo: Select your company logo image file.
  • Include Logo in Emails?: If you do not want to include a logo in your emails, select “no”.
  • Company URL: Enter the URL of your Companies website. The Web URL will be displayed at the bottom of your Email Reminders.
  • Branding Color: Choose or Enter your Companies Branding Color. The Branding Color will be used as your border color.
Email Customization Page

Example of an Email Reminder #

The following email reminder shows the use of a Logo, Colored Border, Company Name, Company Phone, and Company URL.

example email reminders

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