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You’ve been working diligently on making appointments with potential customers, and it’s paid off! You’ve convinced these people that meeting with you is so beneficial they just have to make time for it so they slice out a slot in their schedule and dedicate just to you! Or do they? You got them to say yes but how do you get them to show up? In a study by BJ Psych Advances, patients miss 20% of their medical appointment. Most people would like to think a medical appointment is important so if they are missing 20% of them, how much less will they value their appointment with you? Here are some bulletproof tips to help you make sure your client not only makes their appointment but shows up to it!

  1. Make sure they understand that they NEED their appointment with you. When a person feels as though they made an appointment but they don’t really need it, chances increase by 60% that they are not going to show up! They view their appointment as optional, unnecessary, or simply inconvenient and all it takes is a really good episode of Property Brothers to stop them from meeting with you. Take control of their mindset by stressing the benefits of their appointment with you as something they not only want but need.
  2. A reminder can make all the difference in the world. You’ve got them to say yes, you’ve even got them to agree with you that they need their appointment, but life is life and sometimes human error means forgetting. We get distracted by the kid with the lego up their nose or work, or many, many other things. These little nuisances should be expected which is why your attentive appointment reminder can be the difference between a client and a no-show. We offer FREE appointment reminders, as well as paid accounts, all with amazing benefits. Check them out here!
  3. Try not to set appointments more than two weeks out. Even when you’ve made all the right steps and said all the right things, sometimes your prospect really does get called away and doesn’t even think to call you and reschedule. You can lessen the chances of this happening to you by making your appointment within the same week or no more than two weeks out from the day of the call.

We hope these 3 tips really help! Don’t forget to save your own time by using our services to remind your important prospects how important you are!

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