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If you haven’t already started using automatic appointment reminders then you really need to read this article and allow yourself to be convinced of why you desperately need them! This blog will highlight the top 5 reasons, in order of importance, on how this easy-to-use and inexpensive feature can make a big difference. 30% difference to be exact!

Top Reason #1

Countless case studies, such as those done by John Hopkins, have shown that appointment reminders via call or SMS text messages have shown to DECREASE no-shows by 30%! That is a huge statistic and what you need to realize is you could be losing 30% of business simply because you are not providing an appointment reminder. That’s money people!

Top Reason #2

User engagement is important for every single business and you can create this engagement by using appointment reminders. Imagine getting a tailored text from your doctor’s office reminding you about your specific appointment. Makes you feel a little special doesn’t it? It should and you should be using these programs to make your client feel special too.

Top Reason #3

Automated reminders save you TIME. Time is money so what I’m saying it these programs save you money! All that manpower your staff uses to create and send out appointment reminders to your customers could be used in more productive and effective ways. And if you’re not using any staff to implement reminders, well that’s just lazy. Don’t be lazy. The goal here is to work smarter, not harder.

Top Reason #4

Automated reminders are an on-time guarantee. An emergency in your office that requires all of your staff on hand doesn’t have to mean calling your clients or patients to remind them of their appointment is forgotten. You get what you need in your office and your client gets what they need on their phone. Win-win!

Top #5

Improve customer satisfaction. Studies have proven when companies take the time to cater to their clients (or practices to their patients) their customer surveys show a higher increase in customer satisfaction.

So basically automated reminders are a win all around. Use your time to make money and leave the time-waster necessitates to automation.

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