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We recently launched a new feature on our appointment reminder system. This new feature would allow you to send an appointment reminder one hour ahead of your patient’s appointment. This feature has so many benefits and there are many ways in which you can use it.

Send A Quick Reminder

The most obvious benefit to this feature is to send a quick reminder to your patient about their appointment. While many patients remember their appointment the day before (because you’ve send them a reminder), most tend to forget day of. The day gets busy, life goes on, and your patient is late because they lost track of time. One hour is the perfect amount of time to send out a quick reminder and ensure your patients show up to their appointment on time.

Fill In A Last Minute Cancellation

Unfortunately, many patients cancel their appointment within a few hours of their scheduled time. If you have a patient on stand-by hoping to fill a spot, using this feature would be very effective. Send a quick text message to your stand-by patient and ask them to confirm they will take the appointment directly through the text message. It’s that easy and that convenient. The one-hour feature can directly impact your bottom line and fill in gaps that might pop-up.

Patients Are More Likely To Follow Your Cancellation Policy

Speaking of cancellations, does your practice have a cancellation policy? Most do and most are one of two policies. Some require their patients to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Others require their patients to cancel at least one hour in advance. It’s a pretty big difference between the two but both equally as important. Thanks to appointment reminders, you can set them to match your cancellation policy. Create a reminder to let your patients know if they want to cancel, this is their last opportunity before enduring any penalties. This not only helps you maintain your schedule, but also keep patients happy as you prevent them from having an unpleasant experience with penalties.

Created Automated Appointment Reminders

Potentially the easiest part of this new feature is creating automated appointment reminders. As part of your scheduling platforms, you can integrate AppointmentReminders.com with almost any existing platform. Our program easily integrates, making your staff feel more comfortable using our program. With automated appointment reminders, you can give your staff back their time! No more calling to remind patients, no more leaving voice mails and waiting on call-backs.

Appointment reminders are a staple in all practices. Get rid of the appointment cards and step into the digital future. With SMS, email, and calendar opt-ins, you need to be using automated appointment reminders. Your team with thank you and your patients will be impressed. Don’t delay, sign up for your free 30-day trial now and see for yourself.