New figures show the initiative to tackle the problem of wasted GP appointments using automatic reminders have been successful. Patients can respond to appointment reminders quickly by replying to the text, allowing for more convenient communication. So how do you know when to use appointment reminders? Read on to find out.

Is your staff overwhelmed?

Do you find your staff is using most of their time to call and confirm appointments? Have appointments started slipping through the cracks? This is a definitive sign that this medial task is taking up too much time. A quick text to your patient and a quick response from them is the answer.

Have your no-shows increased?

A service by NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group provides GP practices to communicate with patients via SMS messages. The results show the SMS communication have reduce wasted appointments by 19,500 appointments per year. Studies, like this one, have proven that automatic reminders steadily decrease no-shows.

A friendly reminder goes a long way

Appointment reminders are HIPAA compliant but must be used correctly. However, that doesn’t mean you only have to use the program for reminding patients about pending appointments. You can also remind them about consultations they need to make, such as routine appointments. Flu shots, annual physicals, and follow-ups are good examples of routine yet critical practices many patients need. A short and sweet reminder suggesting these procedures will go a long way to building your patient-provider relationship., are so inexpensive and easy to use, there really is no excuse! We don’t require any contracts and even offer a free trial so you can test it out first. Our website also offers a free demo for you to see a preview of our program. With the best prices in the industry, we are the best company to start with. Start here with us!

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