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What is an Automated Reminder System?

Our Automated Reminder Software is a great tool you can use to automate your reminder systems. Instead of manually emailing, texting, or calling your service users to tell them that they have an upcoming appointment, a computer program does it for you. Automated Reminder System functionality differs tremendously depending on which solution you choose. For instance, high-quality vendors let you send reminders through multiple communication channels because customers vary considerably in their communication preferences. Some want email only, while others prefer SMS. 

High-quality appointment reminder system software also allows customers to reply to you, letting you know whether they can attend or need to book a new appointment. If they can reschedule or cancel, it allows you to use your automated appointment systems more dynamically, improving productivity. 

Automated Reminders - Call, Text, and Email

Text Message Reminders

Phone Call Reminders

Email Reminders

Text messages are the simplest and easiest way for your customers to receive an appointment reminder.

  • Complete customization of your text message content.
  • Your customers
  • can text back with up to three customized responses (or keywords) such as “1” or “C” or “Confirm”, etc…
  • Include dynamic fields such as Customer/Patient name, Appt Date & Time, more!
  • Include custom fields such as room numbers, amounts due, location names, more!

Depending on your business and customers’ needs, a phone call reminder may be a better choice.

  • Send call reminders from your verified office Caller ID.
  • Build your phone call reminders from an in-house library of over 150 pre-recorded voice files.
  • Record your voice files right over the phone for no additional charge.
  • We also offer in-house voice file recordings for a small one-time charge.

Email Reminders are still a great way to remind your customers of appointments

Automated Reminders Reduce No-Shows

Have you ever missed a doctor’s appointment, only to find the appointment card days or weeks later? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to  American Hospital Association, 10 to 25 percent of patients in the United States don’t show up for their medical appointments. Automated reminders are a simple way to ease the overloaded to-do lists of people’s busy lives. These are Automated Reminder Systems that can send notifications by call, email, text message.

They remind us to go to tomorrow’s dentist appointment, catch Wednesday’s red-eye flight on time, or attend dad’s surprise birthday party on Sunday with his favorite cake in hand. Automated Reminders are successful in reducing no-shows by an average of 34 percent.  In addition to the cost of a patient’s health for not following up on necessary treatment, the tangible costs of no-shows can have a severe impact on health care in general, and your bottom line specifically. Estimates to the healthcare system of patients who fail to show up for appointments run upwards of $150 billion each year. If the average practice treats 24 patients a day, and an average no-show rate is 18 percent for \$112 per missed appointment, your bottom line could be impacted by as much as \$120,000 each year. 

Automated Appointment Reminders Integration

Automated appointment reminders are easy to use and require little management. Our appointment reminders can easily integrate with your existing system. This allows using and learning to use our program that much easier. You can sync your schedule or calendar with our program. Our goal is for our program to be both easily integrated and easy to manage. All Web calendars allow you to set up automated pop-up desktop reminders or e-mail reminders when it’s time for a scheduled event. Calendar programs like Google Calendar even include an option for sending a text reminder to a cell phone.

About our Advanced Appointment Reminder Integration

Appointment Reminders make it very easy for you to integrate your data into our site using our advanced appointment reminder integration methods. No matter what EMR or scheduling service you use, we can usually integrate with it using one of the methods below. If none of these is an option, we do offer some basic integration methods as well that ANYONE can use!

If you use our appointment reminder integration service to merge your data for you, then there is very little that you need to do. All we typically need is a file that contains appointment information. We can usually integrate with most file formats and layouts. The most common type would be CSV, but we can usually read excel files and pdfs.  As well, if you use over 5k reminders per month, the service is free. Otherwise, there is just a small monthly fee. Contrary to popular belief, integrating your data for fully automated appointment reminders is usually inexpensive (if not free), and takes a very small amount of time to set up.  In fact, if you are using an EMR that we already integrate with such as practice fusion, or if your EMR can generate a file with upcoming appointment information, the integration can probably be set up in a day or two.

Automated Reminders Help Your Office

The use of HIPAA-compliant medical automated reminders benefits your office staff as well. Your employees can spend more time taking care of your patients when they show up, instead of tying up the phone lines with reminder calls. Your patients will appreciate it when your receptionist is not rushing them through the check-in process.

A lot of appointments can be set far in advance. A friendly reminder can encourage your patients to show up even when they don’t remember making the appointment because it was made months ago. Our appointment reminder service for doctors and medical staff allows you to send out reminders as far in advance as you wish.  As well, we give you the ability to easily send multiple reminders for an appointment and roll failed patient text reminders to automated call reminders at no extra charge. Most medical professionals who use our services experience a huge reduction in no-shows. In fact, a HIPAA-compliant reminder system is usually worth it financially even if you only prevent ONE no-show. Of course, another real benefit is that you won’t have to spend all day at work waiting for patients who don’t show up.

Take Care of Your Patients

Reminding your patients to come to your office is easier than ever through our service. Most patients these days even EXPECT you to send them an appointment reminder. In addition, some of your patients may need diagnostic services to prevent a greater health scare down the road. And while patients have to be responsible for their health to a certain extent, health practitioners should make every effort to encourage compliance with their medical recommendations. In addition to appointment reminders, we can also send out screening reminders, annual physical reminders, and more!

With our patient appointment reminders, you can even send different reminders for different types of appointments.  For example, you may want to let your new patients know that they need to arrive early to fill out the appropriate paperwork, or maybe you want to let your patients know that they need to fast before a lab appointment. You can also include links to download forms and paperwork! Our service will read the appointment type that you send us from your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and send out the appropriate automated patient reminder. Our service is WAY MORE FLEXIBLE and customizable than built-in Reminders from your EMR.

Automated Appointment Reminders Work When You Don't

If you’re on vacation, you may be thinking you wouldn’t have any appointments. However, don’t you dread coming back from vacation only to work overtime playing catch-up? Your reminders will keep your clients updated, maybe even reminding them when you will be on vacation and unavailable. You can also use automated appointment reminders to remind yourself of pending appointments upon your return to work. No matter what you might be doing, once you’ve set up your appointments you can be completely handed off.

Automated Appointment Reminders Don't Fear Bad Weather

Recently you may notice the world has been experiencing a particularly active hurricane and earthquake season. However, our program is cloud-based which means if the weather doesn’t directly affect our area, then your schedule won’t be affected either. Another great way to use your reminders might be to remind your clients of a pending interruption in work, such as a storm. This could entice your clients to move up you’re meeting to complete business before the interruption, which works in your favor.

In Conclusion

Our automated appointment reminder system is perfect for all types of companies.

We work with many types of companies and industries and because of this, our automated appointment reminders are highly configurable. Some of our clients are small home-based companies such as private instructors, therapists, plumbers, lawn care, stylists, auto care, etc… and others are large medical practices. We do not require contracts and do not have any setup fees. It’s time for you to sign up for your free trial! You have no obligation to continue using our services after you sign up. In fact, we don’t even require a credit card! Sign up here.

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