According to, 274.7 million Americans access the Internet through their cell phone. Worldwide mobile internet users stand at 3.8 billion (49% of the world population) with an upward trend. This has a significant implication on professional businesses and service providers that rely on appointment booking. And now after the global pandemic, virtual platforms are a real necessity. Text message appointment reminders is the perfect tool.

Businesses are striving to revamp their operations to seamlessly serve their customers. Conversely, customers are looking for convenience in services like appointment booking that utilize text reminder apps and online applications.

No matter what industry you are in, eliminating manual repetitive appointment management tasks is a significant time saver. Offering services via appointment booking plays an integral part to the success of your business.

To pick the best text reminder apps for your business you should first know what they are, the main types available in the market, and how they can transform your business.

What are text reminder apps?

Also called SMS reminder apps, text reminder apps are business tools that professionals like you use to notify and remind their clients of forthcoming services.

Two main types of text reminder apps

Text reminder apps can be web-based or mobile apps. Text reminder apps for business in the market can be available in either web, mobile app, or both.

Web-based text reminder apps: These are applications that exclusively run on web servers. You can access web-based text reminder apps via a web browser with an active internet connection. You can access web-based apps without installing any software on your device.

Mobile text reminder apps: Text message appointment reminders apps are designed to run on phone devices like iPhones and Android. They can also run on tablets and sometimes require a user to download them usually from Google Play Store for android devices or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

The best part about Appointment Reminders is we have one program that offer appointment reminders in a variety of platforms. This includes emails and text messages.

How can text reminder apps boost your business?

Increase your revenue: Text reminder apps reduce no-shows, ensuring your prospective and current clients attend their appointments. You’ll also save time that you could otherwise spend manually reaching to customers to serve them. In the end, more service to your clients will increase your income, hence, your bottom line.

Faster responses: Text reminders have a higher open rate than emails. This also means clients can respond to text messages within minutes of receiving a reminder. In case a client is not able to make it to an appointment, they can request to reschedule their appointment directly.

Create a positive impression: More than 57% of clients positively perceive business with SMS functionalities. About half of these can readily recommend you to their friends if you reach out via text. Another 64% of people prefer text over voice when reaching out. Again, you have another solid reason to use text reminder apps.

Millennials like text reminders: About 75% of millennials consider text a convenient means to get reminders for their appointments. They find it helpful and are less likely to miss their appointment.

Significant no-show reduction: It can be very frustrating when clients book an appointment and fail to show up or cancel. Reminders have been shown to reduce no-shows by as much as 80%. Automated text reminder apps are the go-to solution to reduce occurrence of no-shows.

Minimize cancellations: Upon receipt of a text reminder, only less than 5% clients tend to cancel an appointment. To many, it tells them you are there for them waiting to address their concerns and will feel indebted to you if they cancel the appointment.

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