As many businesses transition to work-from-home, or even run their businesses out of their home, it can feel hectic very easily. For all those parents out there who have to both work from home and manage their kids – we feel it for you. And we want to make your life a little easier, and more organized, by detailing how using appointment reminders can work for you.

Organizing with appointment reminders

Did you know that you can send appointment reminders to both yourself and your customers? Working from home among many distractions can be challenging. It’s easy to forget about a conference call or a virtual meeting while also trying to help your children study online. There are a variety of challenges that come with working from home but using a tool like appointment reminders can make it significantly easier.

Integrating your calendar

One of the best features of our program is our calendar integration. No matter what kind of software or calendar you are using, our program pairs with almost all of them. This includes CRM databases, contact lists, Google, etc. In fact, we offer integration services so you don’t have to do it yourself. As easy as it is, we want it to be even easier! Start with a 30-day free trial and once you fall in love with how easy and useful our program is, ask us about integration.

Appointments for the future

While we may be stuck at home now and some businesses had to close their doors temporarily, it will eventually normalize. When it does, those businesses are going to be flooded with customers. Businesses like salons can really utilize our system. Encourage your clients to make future appointments with you now, with the assurance of flexibility to change those appointments as needed. What your clients don’t want is to excitedly become ready to make an appointment with you and you’re fully booked! It might just be enough to drive them to someone else. Avoid that happening and create a fully booked future calendar.

We know this pandemic is unprecedented and we’re all just trying to find ways to make it work. We’re on your side and want to offer any help we can. Please reach out to our support team if you need anything. Also, if you have any suggestions on how you might be using appointment reminders to keep your business moving forward we would love to hear about it! Send us a note through our contact form and we just might feature your story.

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