Tax season is once again upon us. Last year we wrote an article on how you can use your appointment reminders during tax season to both boost your business and help you stay organized. This year we’ve updated the article to include more great tips! Every CPA should be using automated appointment reminders during this tax season to make their busy season a bit more bearable.

Create personalized automated appointment reminders

This is the time to set your reminders on auto-pilot. These reminders are a great and easy way to remind your clients about tax deadlines, sign forms, submit documents, and more. During tax season many emails go back and forth and keeping organized can be a challenge. Not to mention, keeping communication convenient can also be a challenge. Rise to the challenge with automated appointment reminders.

Educate your client

Knowledge is power, especially in tax season. Educate your client using appointment reminders to send SMS of potential tax write-offs. Not only would these unique messages make you stand out but also help your client during a season that can be pretty stressful.

Smooth sailing during tax season

If you’re a busy CPA then you’re meeting with many clients. Sometimes it helps to keep yourself organized – and you can do just that. With automated appointment reminders you can also send yourself reminders of upcoming meetings or appointments, as well as your customers.

Don’t let this busy season overwhelm you. Use amazing programs to make your life easier and sign up for our free, 30-day trial right now! We can’t recommend which programs to use or an individual CPA, but we do recommend making your life a little easier with the right tools.

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