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Update! We have just added the ability for you to create Triggers!

Triggers allow you to create multiple reminders for an appointment or send text or email alerts when certain conditions are met.

Some examples of how you might use a trigger are… you could create a trigger that will schedule an additional reminder to go out the day before an appointment when a reminder that goes out a week before an appointment is sent.

You could also create a trigger that sends a follow-up message to a customer after an appointment has passed.

You could also set up a text or email alert to notify you immediately if a customer cancels an appointment.

You could set up a trigger that will start with a text message and if that fails (most likely because of a non-mobile number) it could roll over to a call reminder.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

We view the full documentation on it, follow this link…


To view, the YouTube Tutorial follow this link…


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