3 Online Booking Strategies to Keep Attendance High

Even if you have achieved your ticket sales target, your task isn’t done. Your event will become a success only when you achieve a high attendance rate.

Event attendance is a key indicator of the success of your business. However, as an event planner, keeping your no-show rate to a minimum should be one of your primary goals to make your event financially viable.

You may be wondering why it really matters when your tickets are sold and you have already met your sales targets. It’s simple. Events are intended to achieve more than just immediate returns. If your audience doesn’t turnout, you cannot generate the same buzz or level of exposure for yourself as well as your sponsors, which may affect your revenue streams and profits in the long run.

Here are some strategies that can keep your no-show to a minimum when selling tickets online.

1.     Make a Plan

Like any other marketing program, your event needs a comprehensive plan to create the right touch points for yielding desirability. Since people’s interest greatly rely on a number of personal and external factors, you should base your plan on market intelligence to make sure that the maximum number of people attend the event.

When developing a plan, you need to consider your financial and non-financial goals, the challenges you may encounter during the program, interests of the sponsors, and your customer tracking strategy. The more comprehensive approach you adopt for planning your event, the better are your chances of lowering your no-show figures.

2.     Simplify the Confirmation and Cancellation Process

A simplified confirmation and cancellation process can greatly help you lower your no-show rate. With an automated appointment reminder system, you can conveniently send out reminder messages requesting the attendees to confirm their presence through a quick and simple process. Those who are unable to attend can easily cancel their tickets which may be put on sale for others who are willing to attend.

3.     Adopt a Non-Refundable Deposit Policy

When attendance is a concern for you, enforce non-refundable deposit policy on no-shows. This is especially viable when you have a simple cancellation process.

If anyone doesn’t make use of their tickets, they will bear a financial penalty. Not only can this encourage people to respond to reminder messages more carefully, but also deter those who probably won’t go from buying a ticket.

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