Does your profession call for appointment setting? Many struggle with how to actually set an appointment. In fact, appointment setting is even considered a kind of “close” in sales. You cannot afford to miss these three most important appointment setting tips!

Go Big or Go Home

Surely you’ve heard this line before! Go big or go home should be your all-time motto for appointment setting. Aim high and wide. This way, you leave little area for missing your target. Ask for the most so you at least get a little, which is better than nothing. If you fixate on finding the “one right person” you may miss out on a whole lot of people.

Go Straight to the Decision Maker

Why are you wasting your time with two and three level professionals below the decision maker? If the decision maker is who you need to sit down with, then don’t settle for anything less. Even if that means holding out. At the end of the day, you are wasting your time and money by working your way “up” to the right person. Go straight for the person you need and be consistent in pursuing them. It will pay off.

Go Around the Gatekeepers

Business leaders don’t start at 8 am and leave at 5 pm. The gatekeepers of those leaders do. So you need to go around them. Call after closing hours (soon after) or right before opening hours. Many business owners and high level executives start their day much earlier, end much later, or even both. Don’t confine your reach to the typical business hours. Go around those hours and reach directly who you want to get in touch with. This tactic may take some time and effort but the result is success.

There are many important appointment setting tips, but I really believe these three to be among the most important. Once you have those appointments, make sure you are impressing your client with a professional and courteous appointment reminder. Our automated system will do just that for you. You can send yourself a demo or sign up for our free trial here!

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