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Email has become the preferred medium of contact in business. As many of us don’t want to go through the trouble of picking up the phone to be greeted by a recording, we choose another email, one that doesn’t require us to speak either through the phone or face-to-face.

Many online services not only ask their customer to contact them for issues or questions via EMAIL, they also offer instant chats with representatives, online tickets, etc. Basically, anything to prevent of from having to make the daunting call. We’re so used to this platform that we don’t even second guess or emails. The way we craft them, engage with them, and send them off to do our bidding doesn’t move us in the slightest…but maybe it should.

First, take a look at this really cute, short animated video created by Google called “The Story of Send”. This new perspective lets us see the journey of what happens to our email when we send it out and so begins the journey of our message.

Now that you’ve gained a familiarity with your email journey and understand the process based on the cute video, it’s time to learn how to craft that perfect email. Creating a polite email reminder is certainly one of the harder emails to render but a very important one at that. Check out some of these tips that can help make you a great email creator no matter what your email needs to say.

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