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The year 2020 looks very different from what we anticipated. In fact, you might already be wondering how you’re going to explain this all to your kids or grandkids in the future. And slowly, as we attempt to regain some sense of normalcy, we also learn to live with new expectations. Some have found these experiences very manageable, while others may be struggling significantly. One thing is for sure, your office and staff is doing everything you can to make your patients comfortable. So in this article, we’re going to talk about self-care.

Ensuring Self-Care For Your Staff

While your staff is giving 100% at work, they are also giving 100% at home. Some are working from home, others are helping their children do school from home, among so many other things. Your employees need to know you encourage their self-care. Even if this means offering additional sick days or holiday time. Did you know a lot of stores will not be participating in Black Friday this year just to give their employees more time off? Now is not the time to hold back. How are you offering your employees support? This can be in the form of time, self-care programs, or simply additional accommodations inside the office.

Ensuring Self-Care For Your Patients

Not everyone has someone in their corner. Sometimes that role falls to you, their doctor. As a result, you also have to make sure you’re checking in on your patients. Encouraging them to practice self-care could be as simple as reminding them at an appointment. Other communication tools are very effective and at your disposal. You can use your website, send out email campaigns, or even use appointmentreminders.com. Our program is so simple and easy to use! It’s a great platform for creating a convenient line of open communication between your office and your patients.

Lastly, don’t forget about yourself. Did you know you can even use Appointmentreminders.com to send text message reminders to yourself? Self-care is very important as we continue to learn from this pandemic. Start now with our free 30-day trial with not credit card information requested or obligations to continue.