An efficient office is a profitable office. Do you want to increase your efficiency with minimal learning curve and an overall increase in your bottom line? Automated Appointment Reminders are a good start, and here’s why you need to start using them right now.

Reduce No-Shows

Automated appointment reminders have shown to decrease no-shows over and over again. In the last decade, automated appointment reminders have escalated from an optional commodity to a necessity. Companies that use appointment reminders have shown to decrease their no-shows by as much as 80%!

More time for your staff

Automated appointment reminders allow your staff to use their time for other tasks. No longer stuck on the phone leaving voice mail after voicemail, with no indication whether your appointment is actually going to show up. Instead, you can use SMS messaging to remind your patient of their appointment and receive their confirmation at the same time. Not only do you give your staff back their time, you also run a more efficient calendar.

Fill in Calendar

Appointment reminders provide patients with advanced notice to reschedule their appointment if they need to. Depending on when you send out the reminder, you also give your patients the opportunity to cancel and reschedule with adequate time for you to fill the now open appointment.  This will help you reduce your waiting list and fill your time more effectively.

Improve patient care

Clients appreciate convenient appointment reminders that don’t require them to be interrupted or inconvenienced. SMS reminders are one of the most popular types of reminders, which we offer with your account. Patients will appreciate the advanced notice they can adjust their schedule accordingly.

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