The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Using Email Appointment Reminders

A missed appointment is a missed opportunity. Email appointment reminders are an excellent tool to create effective communication between your office and your customers or patients. However, few offices utilize automated appointment reminders. Instead, you may still require your staff to dedicate hours every day making phone calls. In this blog, we are going to list the three biggest benefits to using email appointment reminders – automated or not.

Time is money

You may have heard the saying “time is money”. What this saying means is your time is valuable and worth something. The question is – how much? This especially applies to your staff, who are an integral part of the workings of your office. The number one biggest benefit of automated appointment reminders is that they don’t require as much time as a dedicated person making phone calls. In fact, whether the appointment reminder is automated or not, it’s a time saver! You can create template emails and use settings to customize your emails. With the click of a button your reminder is on its way. Regardless of how you choose to use appointment reminders, it will always save you time.

Increase communication with email

When you make a phone call to a patient or client to remind them of an appointment, it can very quickly spiral into a long conversation. While talking with your customers are great, it is not always convenient. One way to keep communication open while also decreasing potential disruptions is by using email. When you email a client they are more likely to use the same form of communication to respond. Whether they are confirming an appointment or canceling one, email is efficient and effective.

Decrease No-Shows

Appointment reminders have been shown to decrease no-shows by as much as 80%! Have you ever missed an appointment simply because you forgot about it? To you it may not have been a big deal, but to a small business owner a missed appointment is missed time, money, and more. It is a big deal. Any technique you can use to decrease no-shows you should use! Especially if you have an affordable option like this one. is one of the most affordable programs available on the market.

These benefits are not just accurate, they are huge for your business. But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for our 30-day free trial and experience the difference for yourself! Sign up now here.

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