Improve Appointment Attendance by Sending Reminders

Research proves that sending an SMS reminder ( a text reminder) significantly improves appointment attendance. One of the most interesting articles that was published recently by the British Journal of Cancer found that women who received text messages reminding them about their breast cancer screenings were much more likely to attend their appointment.

This article found that women who received a text reminder reminding them about their screening were 20% more likely to show up to the appointment.

Sending Reminders for All Types of Events (Not Just Appointments)

Apart from breast cancer screens, which are extremely important, there is no reason this useful research wouldn’t be just as applicable to any form of business that could benefit from a higher attendance. 

Think about your webinars, seminars, lectures, presentations, and client appointments. This improvement in attendance can literally be applied to any business. From sales to recruiters, to employees, anyone can benefit!

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