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Text Message Surveys

Text Message Survey

Text message surveys offer companies a valuable means of gaining insights by providing accessibility, convenience, and higher response rates. 

Their real-time nature enables quick data collection, allowing businesses to respond promptly to emerging trends. The short and concise format encourages focused responses, and personalization fosters engagement. 

Targeting specific demographics ensures relevance, and integration with other data sources offers a comprehensive view. Cost-effective and scalable, text message surveys leverage automation for efficient deployment. 

The interactive nature of these surveys enhances engagement, contributing to informed decision-making and improved customer experiences.

Advantages of Text Message Surveys

Sending out text message surveys can be a valuable method for companies to gain insight for several reasons:

  • Accessibility and Convenience: Text message surveys are easily accessible to a wide audience, as most people have mobile phones with text capabilities. Respondents can complete surveys at their convenience, making it more likely for them to participate.

  • Higher response rates: Compared to other survey methods, text message surveys often have higher response rates. There is a 45% response rate for SMS messages compared to just 8% for email. This is because text messages are more likely to be read promptly than emails, and people are accustomed to responding to texts quickly.

  • Real-time Feedback: Text message surveys allow for real-time data collection. Companies can receive immediate insights, enabling them to respond quickly to emerging trends or issues.

  • Short and Concise Format: The character limit in text messages encourages brevity. This format is useful for obtaining quick, focused responses, making it more likely that respondents will complete the survey.

  • Personalization: With our service, companies can personalize text message surveys by addressing recipients by name or tailoring questions based on previous interactions. This personal touch can increase engagement and the likelihood of obtaining honest feedback.

  • Targeted Demographics: With the right data, companies can target specific demographics for their text message surveys, ensuring that they gather insights from the most relevant audience.

  • Integration with Other Data Sources: Text message survey data can be integrated with other data sources for a more comprehensive understanding. Combining insights from various channels provides a more holistic view of customer opinions and experiences.

  • Cost-Effective: Text message surveys can be a cost-effective option for companies, especially when compared to traditional methods like phone surveys or in-person interviews.

  • Automation and Scalability: Automation tools can be used to send out text message surveys and collect responses efficiently. This makes it easy to scale surveys to a large audience without requiring significant human resources. Our service can automatically send a survey after an appointment.

By leveraging these advantages, companies can gather valuable insights through text message surveys, leading to better-informed decision-making and improved customer experiences.

Automatic Follow up Surveys
Text Based Survey Tools
Sending a Text Based Survey

Send Text Message Surveys with AppointmentReminders.com

Method #1 - Send a one-question follow-up survey for an appointment

Here are a few examples of one-question surveys that you can send via text message:

  • Service Rating:

    • “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your recent service appointment with us?”
  • Likelihood to Recommend:

    • “How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend or colleague? Reply with a number from 0 (not likely) to 10 (very likely).”
  • Customer Satisfaction:

    • “Did our service meet your expectations? Reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No.'”
  • Product Feedback:

    • “How satisfied are you with the performance of your recent purchase? Choose from 1 (not satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied).”
  • Improvement Suggestions:

    • “Is there anything specific we can improve upon to enhance your experience? Reply with your suggestion or ‘N/A’ if none.”
  • Appointment Convenience:

    • “On a scale of 1-5, how convenient was the scheduling process for your appointment?”
  • Event Feedback:

    • “How did you find our recent event? Reply with ‘Great,’ ‘Good,’ ‘Average,’ ‘Poor,’ or ‘N/A’ if not attended.”
  • Quick Poll:

    • “What is the primary reason you chose our service? Reply with ‘Quality,’ ‘Price,’ ‘Convenience,’ or ‘Other.'”
Online Survey - Collect Feedback

A one-question text based survey like this is very easy to add to your appointmentreminders.com setup. You can configure the survey to be sent out automatically after the appointment. Results are stored in your account so you can easily tally the results.

Method #2 - Send a link to an online survey tool

Here are a few examples of text messages that include a link to an online survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey

  • Generic Survey Link:

    • “Hello! We value your feedback. Please take a moment to complete our survey: [Survey Link]. Your insights are important to us!”
  • Service Satisfaction:

    • “Thank you for choosing our service! We’d love to hear about your experience. Please share your thoughts in our quick survey: [Survey Link].”
  • Event Feedback:

    • “We hope you enjoyed our recent event! Help us improve by sharing your feedback in our survey: [Survey Link].”
  • Product Review:

    • “How’s your new product working for you? Share your thoughts in our brief survey: [Survey Link]. Your feedback matters!”
  • Appointment Experience:

    • “We hope your recent appointment went smoothly. Let us know how we did by completing our survey: [Survey Link].”
  • Quick Poll:

    • “We’re curious! Take a moment to answer a quick poll and share your preferences with us: [Survey Link].”
  • Customer Satisfaction:

    • “Your satisfaction is our priority. Please take a moment to complete our customer satisfaction survey: [Survey Link].”
  • Website User Experience:

    • “Tell us about your experience on our website. Your feedback helps us enhance our online services: [Survey Link].”
Survey Tools
Survey Tools

A text message with a survey link like this is very easy to add to your appointmentreminders.com setup. You can configure the survey to be sent out automatically after the appointment. 

Send a Request for a Review

Another simple way to elicit feedback is to send a text message with a review link to your online reviews.

Sending a text message to request a review should be concise, polite, and provide clear instructions. Here’s a simple template you can use as a starting point:

“Hi [Customer’s Name]! We hope you enjoyed your recent experience with us. Your feedback is valuable to us. Could you take a moment to share your thoughts by leaving a review? Click [Review Link]. Thank you for your time!”

Here are some key elements to consider when crafting your message:

  1. Personalization: Use the customer’s name to make the message more personal and engaging.

  2. Express Appreciation: Begin by expressing appreciation for the customer’s recent interaction with your business.

  3. Highlight Importance: Emphasize that their feedback is important to you, indicating that you value their opinion.

  4. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Provide a direct link or clear instructions on how they can leave a review. If possible, use a shortened URL to make it more visually appealing.

  5. Thank You: Express gratitude at the end of the message to acknowledge the customer’s time and willingness to leave a review.

Remember to ensure compliance with any applicable regulations or guidelines regarding soliciting reviews. Additionally, it’s crucial to time your request appropriately, ensuring that it aligns with the customer’s experience and doesn’t come across as intrusive.

With our service, you can easily send a text message review link after an appointment – automatically!

Text Message Review