Did you know that you have the ability to send custom fields in your reminders? Custom fields are values that may change on an individual basis. These are different than “Dynamic Fields” which would be like appointment date or time, company name, company phone number, or customer name (which you would add to your “Reminder Type”).

For example, you may be sending a reminder to someone to let them know they have a payment due.  You may want to add the payment amount to the reminder. You can do this by using a “Custom Field”.

“Custom Fields” can be added on-the-fly whether you schedule your reminders through the website, use a linked calendar, or upload files.

I will demonstrate all three of these methods. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have already created an email type reminder called “Payment Due”. You don’t have to use an email type reminder.  Custom fields work with call and text type reminders as well.

As you can see, this is a very simple reminder that reminds a customer that their payment is due. I am using “Custom Field 1” to insert the amount due. *Note – when you test this reminder, the custom field will be blank since you have not added anything to it yet.  So instead of using the “Test this Reminder on Save” feature, I am going to actually schedule this reminder to myself.

To schedule this reminder I am going to click on “Customers”.  Since I am already on the customer’s list I will click the calendar icon in the row with my name on it to schedule the reminder.

I will click on “Add Appointment” to schedule a new appointment. For “Reminder Type” I will select the “Payment Due – Custom Field Demo” Reminder.  I will set the appointment date for today and the time for 8 pm (Although the time doesn’t really matter for this particular reminder). For “Custom Field 1” I am going to enter the amount of “$129.95”.  I am not using Custom Field 2 or 3 but I could add them if I wanted more custom fields in the reminder.  You can have up to three.

As you can see, when the email comes through, Custom Field 1 has the amount of $129.95.

You can also add custom fields through a linked Calendar.  To do this, you need to use what we call “Calendar Tags”. You can see our help posting on Calendar Tags for more info on this feature.  I am going to create a new appointment and add a calendar tag.

You can also add custom fields through an import file. To use this method I will create a very simple import file through excel. I have one row as follows.

Watch the YouTube Tutorial Here!

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