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Covid Vaccine Reminders to Your Patients

An important component of an immunization provider practice is ensuring that the covid vaccine reaches all individuals who need them. While attention to the appropriate administration of vaccinations is essential, it cannot be assumed that these vaccinations are being given to every eligible person at the recommended age. Sending Covid Vaccine Reminders to Your Patients is vital for their health.

Covid Vaccine Reminders No-Shows

We know no-shows at some levels are unavoidable but if there was ever a time to do everything possible to minimize no-shows, it’s now. The Covid vaccines vary by manufacturer, some require two doses, some must be frozen until ready to use, etc. Keeping patients organized and informed and ensuring vaccines are ready and not wasted. It will require strategic patient communication with actionable pieces of information delivered to patients in a variety of modalities at strategic times. This is where text reminders for covid vaccinations are so important. Also sending reminders for Covid Boosters to those who already have their shot and want to stay up to date.

Communication about COVID Vaccine

The same tools you’re using to keep no-shows minimal, inform patients of changes to provider schedules. The clinic hours, and interaction in daily patient conversations can help you simply communicate with your patients regarding the COVID vaccine. If it’s been announced that your organization will be receiving the vaccine, you’re likely already receiving questions from patients. The following strategies can help you answer patient questions and guide patients through the process when the vaccine is available to them. 

Broadcast Reminders for Covid Vaccinations if you’re looking to update a list of patients, a provider’s patient base, or even your employees of general vaccine information. Appointment Reminders can incorporate all your information and connect to your scheduling and EMR software.

 Broadcast messaging is the best way to do this. It will allow you to specify based on criteria of your choice who should receive messaging and can send in a variety of ways, email, call, and text reminders for Covid vaccinations. 

Use Broadcast Messaging to inform patients, families, and employees of: 

Broadcast Sample Text Reminders for Covid vaccinations

“You are living in a high-risk area for COVID-19. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, cough, or fever, please call us immediately at {Good Health Center .232-323-2323}. In the interim, please avoid contact with others.”

Sending mass messages can dramatically improve clinicians’ ability to get the essential information to patients promptly. 

Create Specific Reminders for Covid Vaccinations

Depending on how you structure your vaccine distribution (centralized or decentralized), Appointment Reminders makes it easy that you can be up and running in under an hour and we will provide live support to help you set it up for free! You now can send a custom call, email, and text message or reminders for COVID vaccine appointments. You’ll want to set up an appointment type or, even two. For instance, if you’re getting the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines, you may want to consider unique appointment types for each dose (ex: Pfizer_dose_1, Pfizer_dose_2) so you can customize the messaging accordingly. A word of caution: you’ll want to be careful with your messaging because naming the COVID-19 vaccine in the appointment reminder could be considered disclosing the nature of a patient’s treatment and therefore, unauthorized disclosure of PHI and violation of HIPAA. Appointment Reminders specializes in HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminders.

Appointment Reminder Messaging

If you’re tailoring your appointment reminders to COVID vaccine appointments, you’ll want to be as clear as possible that it’s imperative patients arrive for their appointments as scheduled without disclosing the nature of the patient’s appointment. Here are a few examples of reminder messaging you may want to consider: 


Example 1: General COVID Vaccine Reminder
Example 2: Second Dose COVID Vaccine Reminder 
Example 3: Reminders for Covid Boosters
Example 4: Reminders for Covid Boosters

Your appointment with Dr. Right is scheduled for Monday, March 11 at 1:00 pm. It’s very important to arrive as scheduled. Please reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, and 3 to reschedule as early as possible. If you cannot make your appointment, please notify us immediately. Thank you. 

Your appointment with Dr. Right is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 at 3:00 pm. This is appointment 2 of 2, you must keep this appointment. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, and 3 to reschedule as early as possible. If you cannot make your appointment, please notify us immediately. Thank you.

Did you know? Everyone 12+ should get a COVID-19 booster. Get yours ASAP: 5 months after your 2nd dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 months after your single dose of J&J’s Janssen. Text your ZIP code to 438829 or visit vaccines.gov to find free vaccines near you.

Stay safer by getting your COVID-19 booster. If you’re 12+, you should get a booster 5 months after your 2nd dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 months after your single dose of J&J’s Janssen. Text your ZIP code to 438829 or visit vaccines.gov to find free vaccines near you.

Best Use Case for Text Reminders for Covid Vaccinations

Text reminders are a great choice when you need to reach a large population of people and the message that you are sending is short and easy to understand. For example, if you are sending out a reminder for an upcoming appointment, you can use a text message with your company name, the appointment date & time, and several options for the customer to text back (possibly confirm, cancel, etc…). It may not necessarily be the best choice when you need to convey large amounts of information or some key demographic groups. Read about phone call reminders vs text reminders vs email reminders for a more in-depth comparison.

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