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If you are using automated appointment reminders then you may have chosen only one platform for your communications. In an ideal world, you would send your appointment a reminder via text, email and a phone call. But that does sound like a lot, right? And the last thing you want to do is bombard your appointment with so many reminders that you leave them feeling aggravated. However, if you strategize your communication, not only can you use all these platforms, you can also be more effective.

Creating a communication strategy with your reminders

Reaching patients using only one communication method can result in missed opportunities. You want to use your appointment reminder to reach your patients using the method they prefer best and watch your no-show rates plummet! So first, you need to create a strategy. This can easily be done by scheduling your communication. This is also known as a publication schedule. Even better, since your patients tend to follow a routine, you can even template your publication schedule.

To create a publication schedule you will want to list all your communication channels. Then you want to define your patient or segment them into categories. Next you can assign a communication channel to each category. And lastly, you want to assign a schedule to each channel. There are clearly defined steps you can take to make this strategy a success.

Survey your patients

You want to build you on your strategy to make it more successful. An easy way to do this is to survey your patients. Simply ask them which method of communication they prefer. Based on their answer, you can assign only one or two forms of communication for specific patients. The goal is to refine your strategy so you are doing less work, spending less money and getting a greater return.

On average, using automated appointment reminders decrease no-shows by as much as 80%. For cents on the dollar you can directly increase your bottom line. Imagine if you also create an effective communication strategy with an already successful program. This could be your most profitable year yet!

Start with a free trial with appointment reminders

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Making phone calls throughout the day, every day, is a significant waste of your staff’s time. Especially when this can be done through a more effective line of communication. Give your staff back their time while also tracking your communication with patients through automated appointment reminders. Don’t forget about all the great additional features you can use this program for. Learn more here. Or sign up for your free trial.