As the economy slowly reopens and people start to emerge out of their home you may be considering reopening your business. In fact, you may have already opened your business to the public. Either way, there are specific CDC recommendations for keeping you and your staff and customers safe and healthy. Below we highlight some of the most common safety policies that are currently being used among local businesses.

Take a temperature

If you have been to Starbucks lately you will see they have a very specific procedure for their employees. First, every employee must have their temperature taken. If their temperature is above a certain degree they cannot work and are sent home. This would be easy for you to implement. Using a simple thermometer and a check in register, you can implement this first step process.

Stagger employee breaks or work times

Second, employee breaks are significantly staggered. All employees need to take a break but to use social distancing practices and help keep everyone safe, you can also stagger breaks. However, staggering work times is also an effective practice to ensure proper social distancing at work.

Implement safety policies for customers too

Lastly, helping to ensure safety around customers are also important. This includes employees wearing face masks and gloves at all times while interacting with customers. In fact, some retailers have also made requirements of their customers. Signs posted might require a customer to wear a face mask while in their store, others will only allow a certain amount of people inside the business to maintain social distancing standards. As businesses reopen, you have to decide what will be most effective for your employees and customers.

Use automatic appointment reminders

Automatic appointment reminders are a great tool for communicating effectively without direct contact. has great options for all businesses using emails, texts or calls. Start with our 30-day free trial to see if this program can work for you. We’re sure it can!

No matter what stage your business is in, we all want the same thing. However, everyone should practice all recommended safety standards.

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