If you are not utilizing your phone or tablet’s digital voice assistant, then you’re not optimizing your schedule. Your entire work day will run more smoothly, be more efficient and productive, and you may even find yourself completing tasks much faster. Here’s how you should be using your digital voice assistants.


How many times during the day do you remember something at an inconvenient time? Even more so when you don’t have a chance to write down that note so you can remember to revisit it later. This is where your voice assistant comes in. Quickly tell your voice assistant to log your note for you and you can review it any time. You can even use your voice assistant to talk through ideas.

Emails and Texts

Emails and texts should be the most instinctive way to use your voice assistant. You can ask your assistant to read incoming texts, which is much safer when you are driving. You can also use your voice assistant to respond to texts and emails with speak-to-text. This is much faster than slowly typing with your thumbs and fingers.

Manage your schedule

Your voice assistant can help you manage your schedule. You can set appointment reminders for yourself for upcoming appointments, use it to set appointments, or just to set reminders for various tasks throughout the day. While this may not be as effective as automated appointment reminders, it is the next best thing. You can set reminders via text, email, on your calendar, or notes. There are lots of choices!

If your business isn’t using automated appointment reminders, click here to find out how to get started. If you can improve your work day with automated appointment reminders then we have just the plan for you. Get started with a free 30-day account.

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