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Reminders that Work for You

Automated appointment reminders don’t need you to work. They need very little to do what you need them to do. Appointment reminders are like your own personal assistant. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant that required very little management? Here’s why automated appointment reminders are exactly what you need.

Appointment Reminders Keep Working When You Are Not

If you’re on vacation, you’re probably not thinking about your appointments. However, don’t you dread coming back from vacation only to work overtime playing catch-up? Your automated reminders will keep your clients updated, maybe even reminding them that you are on vacation and unavailable. You can also use automated appointment reminders to remind yourself of pending appointments upon your return to work. No matter what you might be doing, once you’ve set up your appointments you don’t have to manage them.

Appointment Reminders Don't Respond to Bad Weather

Is it hurricane season? Maybe tornado season? Depending on where you are located, these are things you need to think about. However, our program is cloud-based which means if the weather doesn’t directly affect our area, then your schedule won’t be affected either. And even then, everything is backed up. So even if we do have inclement weather, you have no reason to worry. Another great way to use your reminders might be to remind your clients of a pending interruption in work, such as a storm. This could entice your clients to move up you’re meeting to complete business before the interruption, which works in your favor.

Easy to Use and Require Little Management

Our appointment reminders can easily integrate with your existing system. This allows using and learning to use our program that much easier. You can sync your schedule or calendar with our program. Our goal is for our program to be both easily integrated and easy to manage.

Take Care of Your Patients

Reminding your patients to come to your office is easier than ever through our service. Most patients these days even EXPECT you to send them an appointment reminder. In addition, some of your patients may need diagnostic services to prevent a greater health scare down the road. And while patients must be responsible for their health to a certain extent, health practitioners should make every effort to encourage compliance with their medical recommendations. In addition to appointment reminders, we can also send out screening reminders, annual physical reminders, and more!

With our patient appointment reminders, you can even send different reminders for different types of appointments.  For example, you may want to let your new patients know that they need to arrive early to fill out the appropriate paperwork, or maybe you want to let your patients know that they need to fast before a lab appointment. You can also include links to download forms and paperwork! Our service will read the appointment type that you send us from your EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and send out the appropriate automated patient reminderOur service is WAY MORE FLEXIBLE and customizable than built-in Reminders from your EMR. Once we configure your account and set up automation, there is very little that you will need to do!

Reminders Help Your Office

The use of HIPAA-compliant medical reminders benefits your office staff as well. Your employees can spend more time taking care of your patients when they show up, instead of tying up the phone lines with reminder calls. Your patients will appreciate it when your receptionist is not rushing them through the check-in process. A lot of appointments are made far in advance. A friendly reminder can encourage your patients to show up even when they don’t remember making the appointment because it was done months ago. Our appointment reminder service for doctors and medical staff allows you to send out reminders as far in advance as you wish.  As well, we give you the ability to easily send multiple reminders for an appointment and roll failed patient text reminders to automated call reminders at no extra charge.

Most medical professionals who use our services experience a huge reduction in no-shows. A HIPAA-compliant reminder system is usually worth it financially even if you only prevent ONE no-show. Of course, another real benefit is that you won’t have to spend all day at work waiting for patients who don’t show up.


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