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If you have seen the news recently, we are currently in the midst of a bad flu pandemic. The flu vaccine has become a necessity for most people, and doctors will tell you they are a necessity for everyone. But did you know reminders have proven to boost vaccination rates?

Your office needs to remind your patients

One of the best uses of our AppointmentReminders.com program is not appointment reminders at all. You can use the program to simply remind them to get the flu vaccination. You can also use the program to remind your patients that it’s time they set an appointment with your office to get their flu vaccination.

Proven results

As I mentioned above, reminders have been proven to increase vaccination rates. As reported by Medscape, Julie C Jacobson Vann, PhD, RN, assistant professor in the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and colleagues determined that reminding adults that they or their children are due for a vaccination increases immunization uptake by approximately 8% compared with no reminders.

If you are thinking 8% seems like a really small number, imagine 8% of hundreds of thousands of people. And if a simple reminder can break the cycle of spreading the flu, then any increase is appreciated.

Start now with a free trial

If your medical office still isn’t using appointment reminders, then it is time to get on the ball. In fact, you are already falling behind. Appointment reminders decrease no-shows by 80% or more. This will directly increase your bottom line. Which is why we offer a 30-day, no obligation free trial. We don’t even ask you for your credit card.

Give your staff back their time, increase productivity, decrease no-shows, and help to stop the spread of the flu. You have nothing to lose, except time. So sign up now!