Text Reminders

Two Way Text Messaging

With AppointmentReminders.com, you can send a text message with all the appointment details, and your customers can text back with up to three customized responses. Typically, the responses may be along the lines confirm, reschedule, or cancel. You may also choose to have them respond with a simple “1” to confirm, or “C” to confirm. Again, these responses may be any keywords that you choose.

We will also send a text back if we receive a certain response.  For example, the whole conversation may look something like this..

“Hi Terri, this is a reminder for your appt with Sun Prairie Dental on Mo 8/12 at 2PM. Please reply “C” to confirm.”


“Thank you, your appt has been confirmed”

One of the advantages of using SMS reminders is that they can be answered right away even if your customer is engaged in some other activity. It only takes a second or two to send a quick text, but answering a phone call or responding to a voicemail message requires a bigger time commitment.

Schedule Your Text Reminders

It’s important to schedule your reminders at the appropriate time. If you send the reminder too far in advance, then the appointment might be forgotten again. Most importantly, your reminder needs to encourage your customers to take action and confirm their appointment with you. With our service, you can schedule your reminders well in advance, send multiple reminders for an appointment, roll failed text messages to calls and more!

Once you implement our reminder system, you’ll benefit right away. Your no-shows will decrease, and you’ll spend less time at work waiting for customers. Customers don’t want to miss out on their appointments, either. They’ll be happy that you reminded them. It’s a win-win!