Medical Reminders

HIPAA Compliant Medical Reminders

Take advantage of our Highly-Secure HIPAA Compliant appointments for your patients. Significantly reduce no-show rates and free up your staff's time by send call, text, or email appointment reminders.

We Take Care of Your Patients

Reminding your patients to come to your office is easier than ever though our service. Most patients these days even EXPECT you to send them a reminder. In addition, some of your patients may need diagnostic services to prevent a greater health scare down the road. And while patients have to be responsible for their own health to a certain extent, health practitioners should make every effort to encourage compliance with their medical recommendations.

The use of HIPAA compliant medical reminders benefits your office staff as well. Your employees can spend more time on taking care of your patients when they show up instead of tying up the phone lines with reminder calls. Your patients will appreciate it when your receptionist is not rushing them through the check-in process.

Patient Reminders Help Your Office

A lot of appointments are made far in advance. A friendly reminder can encourage your patients to show up even when they don’t remember making the appointment because it was done months ago.

Most medical professionals who use our services experience a huge reduction in no-shows. In fact, a reminder system is worth it financially even if you only prevent ONE no-show. Of course, another real benefit is that you won’t have to spend all day at work waiting for patients who don’t show.

HIPAA Compliance

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