Email Reminders

Custom Tailored Email Reminders

Email reminders can be sent in addition to text or call reminders. With our email reminders, you can include your logo, branding colors, and more. This way, the email looks authentic and professional.  The content can be specified and is entirely customizable just like with all of our reminders. As well with all of our reminders, you can send the email reminders out in relation to the appointment. For example, 1 week before & 1 day before, or even a day or 2 after the appointment (to get feedback on the appointment). 

Add Buttons to Your Email Reminders

You can also allow your customer to respond with up to three responses.  These responses will be buttons within the email. Whether you choose to add buttons to your emails is up to you. Typically these buttons may give the option to confirm or cancel an appointment but they really can be any key words that you choose. This allows your customers to respond quickly and easily to the reminders.

Keeping Out of the Spam Folder

We follow the standard guidelines for keeping our emails out of the spam folders. This includes using a custom domain and verified DNS. In addition, we always comply with the CAN-SPAM act. We use a 1 click unsubscribe method as well to allow your customers to easily unsubscribe if they wish. This results in happy customers and a high email delivery rate.

Universal Formatting

All of our emails are formatted to look good in most email programs, and mobile devices. As well, we always include an option to view the reminder in the web browser. This ensures a high rate of delivery and customer satisfaction.

A Sample Reminder

A typical email reminder may look something like this… This is just an example of what an email may look like. It contains the companies logo, colors, buttons to reply, as well as the company name, phone number, and web URL.

example email reminders