Call Reminders

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Phone call reminders are great for many practices.  They definitely have some advantages over text reminders such as having the ability to include a lot more information in the reminder. This is because while text messages are limited to a 160 character limit, phone call reminders can include as much information as you want. In addition, you can always roll your failed text reminders over to phone call reminders.

Complete Customization:

We allow you to build your phone call reminders from an in-house library of over 150 per-recorded voice files. As well, you can record your own voice files right over the phone for no additional charge.  We also offer in-house voice file recordings for a small one time charge.

Solicit Responses:

As with all reminder types, we allow up to three responses in phone call reminders. This would be something like "Press 1 to confirm this appointment, press 2 to cancel this appointment, or press 3 to reschedule this appointment."

An Example:

A phone call reminder conversation may look something like this…

“Hello, I am calling from Sun Prairie Dental with a reminder for [Joe Smith]. You have an upcoming appointment with us on Tuesday, January 14th at 10 AM. Please press 1 to confirm this appointment or press 2 if you would like someone to call you back regarding this appointment.


“Thank you, your appointment has been confirmed”

Include Special Fields:

We also offer the ability to include special fields in your reminders such as company name, company phone number, and customer name.  You can include text fields such as account balances, room numbers, and more!

Originate Calls from Your Caller ID

You can also configure your phone call reminders to originate from your office Caller ID so there is no confusion about who is calling.

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