Reminder Services

A Wide Range of Reminder Services:

We work with many types of companies and industries. Because of this, our reminder services are highly configurable. Some of our clients are small home-based companies. These range from private instructors, therapists, plumbers, lawn care, stylists, auto care, addition to large multi-facility medical practices.

HIPAA Compliant Reminders

Our specialty is HIPAA Compliant reminders   As a result, our data and transmissions are very secure. Whether you have a small practice or a very large practice spanning multiple locations, we have a plan that is right for you.

No Software Install

Use our cloud-based reminder service to send call, text, and email appointment reminders to your customers.   Choose from one of our packages starting at only $9.95 per month. In addition, our HIPAA Compliant packages start at only $99.95 per month.

Data Integration

Link your Google Calendar, upload excel or csv files or simply use our web-interface. Schedule appointments and send reminders right through your phone. Receive nightly reports with reminder status and results or view in real-time. Also, receive alerts via text or email when people reply to your reminders.

Multiple Reminders

Create reminders that will automatically follow up for you.  Roll failed text messages to calls or emails. Send additional reminders if your customers do not confirm. Send follow up messages such as surveys and link to ratings after the appointments.

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